APC Berates Omisore For calling Osun Civil Service State

By Nofisat Adeoye

The All Progressives Congress, APC in the State of Osun has berated a former Deputy Governor of the state, Sen. Iyiola Omisore for tagging the state as a civil service state.

In a statement signed by the party’s spokesperson, Mr Kunle Oyatomi, the party said the statement could only have come from someone with no political experience of government.

“To call Osun a civil service state is absolute nonsense. Any politician with that mentality or attitude or both can never ever develop a state. The civil servants are a fraction of the totality of government and they constitute in most cases, less than 1% of the population.

“They are an important part of government, admittedly but they are not the reason government exists. Government exists for 100% citizens of the state and justice demands that all be treated equally and helped to contribute to the overall development of the state.

The APC added that workers only constitute 5% of the state population and shouldn’t be given priority over other people and sections of the state.

“Only an ignorant politician will be in government as head of the executive and give unequal priority to any section of the state. If the civil servants deserve salaries because they work for it, all other citizens also have right to social services which every citizen, including civil servants enjoy.”

“So, it is clear if Omisore had been governor since 2010, he could never have handled the crisis that hit Nigeria, including Osun since 2013. Ninety per cent of what Aregbesola has done in Osun today would never have seen the light of day because Omisore will be busy using all Osun money to pay salaries and to succeed even at that, he would have needed to take loans to pay workers’ salaries.

“And in the case of Osun, these workers represent only 5% of the population.
You can therefore imagine what state of squalor and underdevelopment Osun would have been today.” the release read in part.

4 thoughts on “APC Berates Omisore For calling Osun Civil Service State”

  1. The APC is so naive to give this kind of response, even a foolish man will know it is very healthy to pay workers salary as to keep the community moving. how foolish of APC not to have realised that workers have family they support. Infact with this Osun APC analysis it’s obvious any other party will do very well except the APC because it’s clear they are punishing the state at will

  2. U re speaking rubbish man… How do others now benefit from the governor? Paying salaries of workers will definitely makes d economy boom and there won’t be starvation cos when these workers are paid d money goes into circulation and non workers benefitted

  3. I quite agree with APC on the subject matter. Government should be all encompassing in development of society by provision of infrastructures which I will give the incumbent government credit on that because that is one of the way that development can cut across entire citizenry.
    However, workers deserve their payment as at when due cos they are the engine room of successful government.

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