“A whiteman who is bound to vacate office, would definitely defecate on the chair before leaving.”
A trustworthy person is like an immaculate white which has no space for stain, while a liar represents a filthy rag. According to a satire written and produced by Muyiwa Ademola, a popular modern day playwright, a story of one man called ‘Arike Ariyo’ was very instructive.

According to the character, Ariyo is an embodiment of deceit lies, shortchanging and ‘abracadabra’. He was an artful dodger and pretender of no mean magnitude. One day,  Ariyo on the expectation of his intermediary between him and his new found love, took his chair outside, enjoying himself with chicken leg.When his friend, an intermediary came visiting, he saw Ariyo in a bright mood with a biscuit bone of chicken in his hand and he (intermediary) expressed his pleasure for the jollification of his friend, demanding an equally delicious meal from him.

Ariyo, in a fake opulence, told his friend that he was late. Arike, as his moniker said he ordered his neighbour to prepare pounded yam and roasted chicken vegetable soup for him and that after eating to his satisfaction, he asked his neighbour to go with the left-over, saying he could not eat such a staple the next day.

While the discussion was on, a woman led his child to Arike’s house to demand for the reason that made him seize a chicken leg from her child. Ariyo was overwhelmed with shame and consequentially lost a friend, a marriage intermediary and finally a wife.

Now, let us relate the story to what is happening in Osun State . The occupier of the Okefia Government House as the character who claimed that he had the peoples’ mandate. The mandate is just like the roasted chicken vegetable soup. And that he was voted for massively in the last electoral fluke called general elections because of his five-star performance, only to be disowned by the same people.

Just like that, the Election Petition Tribunal threw Oyinlola’s application out and people were jubilating in all parts of the state. Mind you, just like Ariyo, the Okefia tenant has lost eight out of nine prayers already. This is significant, very very significant.Please, cast your mind out of the story, let’s come back to this week discourse. Have you seen how the Osun State chapter of Action Congress(AC) chieftains were summarily thrown into prison by style, for the charges that have catapulted hundreds of people in and out of prisons for weeks and months? Do you call that victimization of political opponents?

Did you see the difference between the two magistrates handling the case? Now, open your mind. Let it be known that the whole scenario is a desperation cum terrorism against the political opponents of the Okuku heir apparent  from the beginning and the ongoing clampdown cannot be divorced from it.

On the decision of Magistrate Jide Falola to hear the substantive case in October, it is a pity I am not a lawyer, let alone being part of the legal team that is representing  AC leaders. If I were one, I would have settled for magistrate Ayo Ajeigbe, the courageous woman who was to handle the case ab initio.

I know Ajeigbe a bit and my investigations revealed  that she is so principled that nobody including her husband, who is a PDP stalwart could influence her decision for whatever price, unlike a magistrate elsewhere. I had watched a proceeding in her court some years back, where some people suspected to be members of Oodua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) were dragged to her court by the police.

Then, it was an unpardonable sin to be a member of OPC. So, government was interested in keeping the men. Against all odds, Ajeigbe heard the fundamental human rights.
But, the deed is done, the magistrate with finesse has disqualified herself from the case and thank God, the ‘real’ man has done it again and to the AC leaders, journey mercy to the prison, at least till the bail application is heard.

I must confess to you that if democracy, according to Abraham Lincoln, is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, I make bold to say: it is lacking in Osun State . But if what we are currently experimenting is monarchical where the king or queen rules the people as subjects? Then, it is a bit close. Why? The reason is not far fetched, the Okefia Government House tenant is a prince and he was so fricked that he titled the inauguration address he read at the State House of Assembly as: “The message from the Throne.”

But, in an honest appraisal, the current regime has also failed the litmus test of monarchical rule because nobody dares query the king or queen for any wrongdoing in a monarchical rule and that is not the case now because the opponent has picked the gaunlet in form of petition to the Election Petitions Tribunal to retrieve the controversial mandate of ‘Olori Oko’.

So, looking inward about the clampdown on imaginary and real enemies, infringement on the press freedom as currently being experienced by OSUN DEFENDER newspaper in the hands of the State Security Service (SSS), killings, maiming intimidation and harassment by the retired General Olagunsoye Oyinlola government, the current administration in the State of the Living Spring could be likened to ‘Bashorun Gaa Republic .’

For a good Yoruba man, the story of Bashorun Gaa of  the old Oyo Kingdom is not new; for the sake of those who are not familiar with the story, I shall briefly tell it.

Bashorun Gaa of sad memory was the head of ‘Oyomesi’, the legislative arm of the kingdom, but he was so extra-ordinarily powerful with supernatural powers of fetish. History has it that Gaa had the power to change from human-being to any wild animal of his choice.

Intoxicated with awesome power, Gaa was removing and installing kings at will. He would reel out orders side by side with the king and any king that wanted to assert his authority would be dealt with by Gaa’s Army.

There was a time a king in Oyo was said to have beheaded his father-in-law for the ‘mouth diarrhoea’ committed by his daughter, the wife of the tyrant king. Cashing in on the wrongdoing, Gaa, in conjunction with other kingmakers, forced the monarch to the evil forest to embark on the journey of no return. In order to appease Gaa, the new king thereafter gave his precious daughter in marriage to Gaa, but when Gaa was in need of an animal called ‘Agbonrin’ (deer) and he couldn’t’ find one on time, he ordered that the daughter of a king who bore the similar name, Agbonrin be slaughtered instead, and that climaxed his atrocities.

A petition in form of a plea was filed by Alaafin, the great king before the powerful Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) known as ‘Generalismo’ Aare Ona Kakanfo. There was a civil strife between the two powerful men, but Gaa caved in by decoy. He changed to an inanimate object in a bid to escape the wrath of the people he had traumatised.

Aare Onakankanfo through his mystical power, uncovered the decoy, reverted Gaa back to a human being and disarmed him completely. The Generalissimo handed Gaa back to Alaafin for appropriate sanction and the king who was still bitter about the misconduct and abuse of office and power of Gaa, recommended that Gaa be sentenced into instalmental killing.

See what is happening now, political office has been abused; people were killed, maimed, harassed. Political opponents were run out of town, jailed, name it. Recently, the government, through its trigger-happy security men has launched a massive manhunt against the only newspaper (OSUN DEFENDER) that is speaking for the poor.

With OSUN DEFENDER newspaper, the woman who sells pepper at Igbotente Village in the state or a hewer of firewood in Iyanfoworogi, another  village, is assured of adequate and balanced information. But the modern day Gaa is saying no. What more?

God who arrested Gaa (The Power drunk) with His Mighty power is alive!

by Lukman Suomi

Osun Defender,I know even in a twist of time things can be change but God is your strenght.Do not relent the selfless services even if Aregbesola comes inn which we are all praying for and behave insimilar manner.Please for God sake,do not hesitate to expose him.

As for the Basorun Gaa of our time,he will soon face the music when God gave back the power to the appropriate person.Do u remember,Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu?(Anti corruption watchdog)he will be the Generalismo in this battle and recover all our stolen money for us.Let just be prayerfull and be hopefull as well.

by Tunde Ayoade,

good work.
keep on this.

God shall pay him back ..
by service to the people

He, Bashorun Gaa of osun State will sure reap all he sowed in the course of wanting to hold on to power. God will surely pay him back in his own coin… it is a matter of time..


  1. this is one of the most interesting and educative articles i have read ever i would love to read more from whoever authored this thanks and keep up the great work

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