Another Letter To The Editor On Osun Workers Strike

Dear editor, I think the issue is simple, it is crystal clear that Osun State government is not having the financial wherewithal to pay for the new minimum wage and there is no credible individual or group including the leadership of the labour union that has come out to dispute this claim.

However, the good people of Osun State want the labour union and the government to find compromise and come up with reasonable ideas on how to end the on-going strike action and put workers back to work in line with the State limited financial resources. Nevertheless, the State government has come up with a reasonable solution by calling for shared sacrifice and asked the higher income earners (levels 12 and above) to sacrifice a little bit and put more money in the pocket of the lower income earners (levels 01 – 07) by raising the minimum wage for the poor working class across the board in Osun State a bit higher than the newly approved minimum wage but if the workers believe that this idea is not reasonable, they should come up with a reasonable idea.

In furtherance, I appreciate the way your administration is handling this crisis, you don’t believe in the idea of calling workers all kinds of name because they disagree with you or instigating some riff-raff or the so called social miscreant (area boys) to attack workers for respectively disagreeing with your administration as the last administration did and this kind of systematic approach is what we need to restore peace and progress in Osun State. Finally, i got a word for the labour union in Osun State, you can’t just say NO to everything without providing a reasonable alternative and we don’t need to pick up a fight against the state government because we all know that a poor state like Osun state is not having the financial wherewithal to pay for the new minimum wage across the board. Let join forces with the state to make case to the federal government on the needs to increase state allocations or put some measures in place that will help poor state like Osun State pay for the newly approved minimum wage.

By Taiwo Ayantunji

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