Boko Haram Sponsor Ali Modu Sheriff, Wants To Hijack PDP For Presidential Ambition – Fani Kayode

Fani Kayode

The spokesman for the Goodluck Jonathan campaign team in the last general election Fani-Kayode has alleged that  Ali Modu Sheriff’s major plan is to hijack the party for his presidential ambition in 2019. Speaking during a programme on Channels Television on Sunday night, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, a top member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) also used some questionable adjectives to describe Sherrif that the new PDP national chairman is the “most controversial, intellectually-challenged, morally-depraved and despicable character.”

The PDP chieftain revealed that the new chairman was allegedly appointed because “he has plenty of money to spend on the party and no less than ‘5 private jets’ to lend out to those who need a free plane ride.
The former minister also said Ali Modu Sheriff has close ties with Boko Haram and cannot lead the party as he is linked to Boko Haram. He said that Sheriff is “intrinsically linked with Boko Haram in terms of his person, he is intrinsically linked with Boko Haram. At the inception, he was one of those that created the Boko Haram and terrorized our nation.”

He  insisted that his comments were beyond mere allegations, and said unequivocally that  “a man that is so badly stained and who has such antecedents cannot be a leader of a serious political party.

FFK as he fondly called by some of his admirers  added that  “this  is somebody I have known for many years since we were both in the NRC in the early 90s. I must tell you that if he wants to convince the world that he has nothing to do with Boko Haram, let him explain his relationship with Mohammed Yusuf, the man who started Boko Haram and who was murdered in mysterious circumstance by the police. Let him tell us who he was using as his local thug whilst he was two-time Governor of Borno State. Let him tell us that it was not Mohammed Yusuf that was leading the thugs and that he was not funding them.

“Let him tell us who asked Yar’Adua to send the soldiers and kill as many people as possible of the Boko Haram group simply because he was tired of them and he was fed up with giving them money” he challenged  the PDP chairman. Fani- Kayode  believes that it would be better if the newly-appointed leader of the party steps down from his present post because it would do them a lot of good.

And he also made it known that Ali Modu Sheriff, who is  the newly-appointed chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been asked to step down by some party hierarchies as he said further  that  “there has been so much rancour and division created by the fact that he has emerged. Not just about his personality and his antecedent but also the process by which he emerged. It has caused a lot of trouble. Had it not been for the efforts of former President Jonathan and the chairman of the Governor’s forum, Governor Mimiko, the rift could have been far wider and many people should have left the party in droves in the last couple of days”.

And the  former ministers also  threatened to dump PDP if  appropriate measures are not taken to address the issues as he noted that  “Concrete measures are being taken, positions have been taken, discussions are on and the Forum of Governors for instance and every single minister that has been a PDP minister from 1999 to 2015 will meet on Tuesday in Abuja to take position on the matter.
“A group of people came together and decided that he should be the one that will complete the tenure of the former PDP chairman. It is fair enough but they have to consult the people and stakeholders before they come to this conclusion. They took the decision and they went to the PDP Board of Trustees and told them this is a decision that they have taken” he explained.

The way the PDP works is that before any serious decision is taken about anything, the PDP Board of Trustees is consulted and carried along and usually, they agree and they ratify. “On this occasion, when the name of Sheriff was put to the PDP Board of Trustees, they rejected it outright. “There is a court order stating clearly that they deputy national chairman, Mr Secondus, is not in power and has been barred from presiding over any national council meeting” the PDP chieftain said further.


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