Thank God for his mercies, if not, Chief Niyi Ajetunmobi, Adamo Exponent, would have been a dead man by now.

Recounting his experience in the hands of hoodlums who attacked him at Ilaje, in outskirt of Ilesha, few days to Christmas festival; Niyi who claims to modernise Adamo type of music said that, the timely intervention of Police saved his neck from being twisted out of his body.

“I had gone to Ilaje, very close to Ilesa to play my brand of music, Adamo. This was not the first time of going there to play. I was acknowledge as usual. As the music was going on and people dancing in appreciation of a well performance; some hoodlums totaling thirteen in numbers emerged from nowhere and descended on me. Initialy, I thought they had come for “Owo Ile”, which  I was ready to part with. To my surprise, they had another motive”.

Niyi who just came back from European Tour where he dished out Adamo music to different nationals, revealed further that the hoodlums beat him to a state of coma that he could not even shout for help again.

They beat me and my  band boys to a state of emergency. The party folded up immediately. They also damaged my car, the bus which we used to load instrument as well as other personal belongings like handsets, wrist watches etc.”

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