Akinjide Again!

WITH his recent unfortunate comment on a matter that is still pending before the Court of Appeal, Chief Richard Akinjide has poignantly proved that a leopard can never change its spots.

The reason why many took his view with a pinch of salt cannot be far-fetched. People’s derision for his views stems from his sheer lack of credibility and sincerity. Such popular contempt for the opinions of an otherwise respectable public figure is the price Akinjide has to pay for his past opportunistic political activities.

Akinjide, a master of double speak, was at his “senile best”, contradicting himself, when he granted his hatchet interview to The Sun newspaper of 22nd of November, 2008. Peeping into his political antecedent, one can see he has always worked against the interest of the Yoruba people for no other reason than his personal, short-term political gains. Elders of his caliber in other clime are noted for taciturnity, zero tolerance for garrulity and sobering comments on raging issues of political nature that is capable of setting the entire country ablaze.

Instead of turning over a new leaf at the twilight of his life, Akinjide has continued to toe his well-known path of infamy that is siding with the enemies of the Yoruba people, by playing the role of a spoiler for their electoral choices. One has continued to wonder if this is the type of legacy a proud parent will be glad to leave behind for his children.

Akinjide’s anti-Yoruba posture dated to the Second Republic. It is on record that it is the unwholesome activities of people like him that brought Yoruba land nay Nigeria to the sorry state in which we presently found ourselves. Akinjide’s tendentious comments on a matter that is subjudice .i.e. Osun A.C. and Aregbesola’s petition against the declaration of the usurper, Oyinlola as the governor of Osun state by the discredited Iwu-led INEC is most unfortunate. Any discerning mind will agree with we, members of ODUA YOUTH FOR GOOD GOVRNANCE that the shameless theatrics of the sponsor of Akinjide’s hatchet interview, Oyinlola through wasteful advertorial placed in the front page of a newspaper, whose credibility has gone with the founder amounted to mere shadow-chasing.

The question that should agitate the minds of the reading public are:
(a). What is this political interloper, master of double speak, Akinjide up to, by opening is mouth wide to sit in judgment over a matter he knew little or nothing about, that is still pending before the Court of Appeal? It is curious that this master of double-speak, we hitherto respected as a Yoruba elder and a senior member of the bar, who is no longer politically relevant in his own state, could chose to reserve his comment on a similar matter, the one that actually concern him in his own state of birth.

The other abiding questions any impartial observer should join we, members of ODUA YOUTH FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE to ask Oyinlola’s glorious errand “father” are: Is he aware of the fact that it was the petitioner, Aregbesola that sought an order of the tribunal to compel INEC to produce vital documents including the election result, which he is claiming the petitioner did not tender to the tribunal?

Is it logical for any integrity-conscious panel that has not sold out to make a sudden u-turn and claimed that a document it admitted has been submitted to it in its record of proceedings .i.e election result is missing as Thomas Naron-led tribunal has done?

(b). Is it also logical for any panel that is interested in dispensing justice to all manner of people without fair or favour, to reject an application made by the petitioner, all in an effort to fulfill all righteousness, to resubmit the documents (forms EC8D and EC8E) which it claimed it has received, but is now missing?

(c). Why did he (Akinjide) evade question on the now legally proven case of telephone conversation between Oyinlola’s lead counsel, Kunle Kalejaiye and integrity-deficient Naron led tribunal?

(d). What is Akinjide’s motivation for sudden change of mind during his November 22 interview with the Sun newspaper after he had been quoted in an earlier interview with the National Life newspaper of November 16 of saying he reserved his comment on Osun and Oyo matter until after the verdict of the Court of Appeal, because it will be contemptuous of him to do so?

It stands to reason that two different national newspapers (National Life and The Sun) will ask their interviewee the same set of question throughout an interview section. If this is not a hatchet job, one wonders what other name will be ascribed to it. From the foregoing, it is crystal clear to every discerning and unbiased minds that Akinjide’s infamous interview is invidious, self-serving and outrightly mercenary in texture in the connotative sense of a man searching for cheap political patronage. It is rather worrisome and belittling that an elder of the caliber of Akinjide could turn himself into a glorious errand “boy” of the likes of Olagunsoye Oyinlola, a name that attracts odium amongst the long-suffering people of Osun state.

Let Akinjide and others of that like mind be told in no unmistaken terms that this hatchet job, as can easily be discerned, has failed woefully. We thank God the likes of Akinjide is not a judge.

•Aminu is the National Coordinator, ODUA YOUTH FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE

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