Victory At Last! As Ajimobi Beats Akala In Oyo State

By Our Reporter

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Mr. Abiola Ajimobi has won the governorship seat in the state beating incumbent Governor Alao Akala of the PDP.

Ajimobi polled 420,852 votes to Akala’s 387,132, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

38 thoughts on “Victory At Last! As Ajimobi Beats Akala In Oyo State”

    1. I beg all the ACN governors to please emulate Fashola by performing wonderfully so as to convince other states that are yet to be librated from the shackles of PDP.

  1. This victory is the sweetest of all ACN’s victory. It is a victory of reason to arrogance. Just like what happened in Ogun this was more difficult taking cognizance of the incumbency of Akala and the big man Ladoja who withered away the Ibadan votes. It is also teaching all of us that we have to watch ourselves and do good. One day we will account for our deeds. I see EFCC doing a good job as regards Ogun and Oyo now. We must all be accountable to our deeds. I trust GEJ will not interfere knowing now that he has the people’s mandate and not just PDP’s mandate. God willing; our States in South West will be better than Taiwan in Jesus Name.

    1. It worth celebratin dt d progresive finaly got bak d stake in SW. Pls. Let Kwara folow d suit. We want change 2. Pls save our soul.

  2. I thank God that i am alive to see and hear good news in the land of Jerusalem which is Southwest states. All glory be to God.

  3. All praises be to Almighty God for making these victories possible.
    At the same time I wish to thank all the electorates for making this change possible.
    This is another victory for democracy.

  4. Glory be to God. I really thank God for the victory granted to the ACN’s candidates in the south-west Nigeria, especially in Oyo-state. I congratulate senator Ajimobi.
    Please do not disappoint us on LAUTECH issue. God will give you the wisdom that the office required (Amen).

  5. Now that ACN took over the control of South West, it is imperative for all the stakeholders within the ACN party to make sure that all candidates elect were responsible, accountable, and equitable. They must work for the masses that voted them in. Fashola in Lagos State can bold on his performance. The pace setters should not back ward again. Since Bola Ige, Oyo State has lost its glory. Ajimobi must work himself out for the masses. Do not spend public money lycaldiscal as other who bought votes with public money … A word is enough for the wise. Work for the electorates, so God and man will reward you, like GEJ.


  7. It was a good fight by all the combatants. The losers should know that there is another day and the winners should realize that what they do with their victory is what matters. The ACN should know that it is still very vulnerable in the southwest and must therefore work very hard to keep its victory assured for a long time. Performance is the magic; without tangible performance the ACN should forget it in the next elections. May the good Lord give the governors-elect the wisdom to rule well, for the benefit of the people. As an aside, I petty the Nigerian Tribune for its inglorious role during the process leading to the election and during the election as it affects the ACN and its candidates.

    1. God bless you my brother, for your observation and comment, on the shameful role the Tribune newspapers has put on itself lately by the mordern day editors in charge. there was a day that I cried inside me after reading somepages of the paper regarding what was happening in Ekiti State, immediately after Oni was sacked by the appeal court. It was as if oni and Lanre Ojo, Oni’s information adviser owns and dictate to the editors on a daily basis what must be published in the papers.but Iam old enough to know that those were not what Awo the founder of the papers stood for in his life time.Baba believed in honesty, openness and democracy which these set of impostors are tirelessly working against using the sage’s own news papers.
      Well, the tide has now changed,lets see how these cameleon will perform in the next dispensation.
      Going by the past antecedent of Akala, the man ought not to be seen near the sit of Government. I wish to congratulate the suffering people of Oyo state for their liberation.Hoping that Ajimobi will live up to expectation, he has no choice but to perform because to who more is given more is expected. Kaaabo! se daadaa lode, omo Ajimobi,!!!
      deleoyibo-Houston TX

  8. congratulations good people of south west, those of us in the diaspora though we could not vote but our prayers and thoughts are alway with our people back home, now with the help of GOD we have swept away DEMON away from our lands, never again shall they be allowed again. This victory is so sweet that baba Iyabo is well and alive to see the house he built on quick sand is fast collapsing. “ile ti afi ito mo, iri ni o wo” . Regarding Nigerian Tribune, this is a sad story that newspaper founded by our own legend, chief Obafemi Awolowo is now the mouthpiece of reactionary elements, what a pity. We would continue to remind our governors and the rest of the leaders to be upright and always remember the saying of our fathers, “Ranti omo eni ti iwo se”. Their performance and good work will guarantee them re-election like BRF. We want developement and real dividend of democracy, they should bear in mind 4 cardinal programmes of UPN – Free education, free health care, rural electrification and gainful employment. Awa omo Oodu, omoluabi. S/W will be just like any developed world sooner rather than later. “Ajisebi oyo laari, oyo o ni se bi omo baba eni kookan”

  9. i am very happy for the success and archievement of ACN i knew that ladoja should accept defeat and congratulate AJIMOBI.

  10. Alao should go to Court, and fight this election it can not stand. Alao won in 15 Local Government area.He won the election Oyato come out with your Police Expirience.

    1. You should go and hug a wet transformer if you don’t like the result…go to court? Isn’t that ironic, the same moron that had no regards for law should now ask for the courst assistance. You are as well a moron and i’m glad you wasted your vote…now Akala should prepare for jail and hope you join him too…good raidance to rubish.

    2. But Alao Akala has no repsect for the court!! So it is time for there when the elction did not go his way. You are born to be stupid and there will be a medicine for your disease one day.
      That Alao Akala need to face EFCC from next week for his wrecklessness and corruption.
      I strongly beleive there should be a death penalty for all these idiots in government.

    1. If Akala have not finished the agodi prison yard, he should quickly make it his last project and if not i implore Ajumobi to please make it his first assignment so that Akala can get a place for final rest

  11. Glory be to God for liberating the good people of Oyo State from dubious (PDP) PEOPLE DECIEVING PARTY.Thanks for all the good people of South West for their great sacrifice and patient during the reign of PDP and their determination to brought an end to their impositors rule.
    Thanks Almighty God for witness this positive change.
    Ladeokin New York.

  12. Apostle Jeremiah Oluwarotimi Adeyeye of Clear Revelations Ministry, Oniyanrin, Ibadan
    predicted that Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja would win the Oyo State governorship election, scheduled for April 26. Ladoja contested on the platform of the Accord Party (AP

  13. Thank to gudluck bcous he present free and fair election,if not, all 36 state will be 4 PDP the stupid party so far,there is know reason 4 them to rule in south west again. They will never rule again. like Gel

  14. Congratulations 2 d people of S.W for d landslide victory of ACN in d region. But d elected leaders should not disapoint d electorates & d godfadas should not misuse their ovalodship. Progresive shud also note dt we nid change in Kwara too. Pls. Save Our Future 4rm d ovalodship of d Sarakis.

  15. Congratulations to my oyo state gov elect Sen. Ajimobi . Thanks to almighty for delievering the state from amala politicians and their thugs . Now , the gov should start at jobs creation beginning from cleaning the city of Ibadan right from toll gate down to Ojoo . Proper beautification should commence now , ask whoever is interested to work to come with their hoes/cutlasses and should be paid daily . We should emulate Lagos state in this way , then after the state capital other towns follow . Wishing you the best ahead of numerous challenges
    to face you in the course of governance . I suggest the gov.elect should create avenue for comments/criticism/suggestions via any channel by way of getting feedback from the electorates when he resumes duty .

  16. Messages to the new Oyo State Governor:

    Now that the bleaching Alao Akala has been kicked out office, It is time to get serious and leave ancient ways of running government businesses sideways.

    1. Get a dressing code. Wearing of big Agbadas to the government office represents un-seriousness. Little can be achieved when people are in ceremonial mode everyday. There is too much to do in Oyo State, people are too poor, crime rate is high. Therefore, dress smart and leave Agbadas and all voluminous dresses till weekends

    2. Select a project to execute and accomplish it. No much can be achieved in 4 years, select road projects and get a reputable companies to construct valuable roads in Oyo State even if it would means charging toll fees so as to create jobs for the jobless graduates.

    3. Corruption is a big problem in black race. Monitor your budgets and have Key Performance Indicators for all the commissioners.

    4. Africa and Africans are too poor and poorly educated. The reason is because of Endemic corruption. To me, corruption is a serious crime against the people, it is a felony offence, there is no difference between corruptions and armed robbery, therefore, introduce and pass legislation in Oyo State against corruption by punishing corrupt official at any level with capital punishments and confiscating all their properties regardless of when they were acquired. This is one good way to stamp out corruption in Black race.

  17. There are lies upon lies and half-truths upon half-truths that would be on display concerning, the election results in Oyo State and that is particularly with reference to the governorship election. And these are perhaps from those who may not truly know and understand the difference between what is good and also what is evil. Infect simply ask them what these means and you would be shocked that they are not likely to comprehend what these indicates.

    Well, in view of these and some comments that have been put in place, I wouldn’t subscribe to the idea that, Alao- Akala doesn’t respect our traditional Royal fathers. To say that he doesn’t have respect for them would be an understatement and a misrepresentation of many things that may have led to the result of this governorship election in Oyo State. He is a tither and also, gives and donates greatly and generously towards many good causes. There are proofs upon proofs that confirms that.

    And because of the type of politics that is practiced, in Nigeria, some with comments, without sound reasoning, that are based on lies, half-truths, rumours, hear says, would refer to Alao-Akala, as arrogant. Ask them where they get such information from and you’ll discover they are simply baseless and misrepresentations, simply to ensure that he didn’t secure, a second term.

    And, all these are purely based on self and greed. Infect, there are those who would say that they are neutral in politics, and that is appropriate, but underneath and indirectly are, somehow into billions upon billions of projects, in local currency.

    So if they think that they are not in charge, they’ll do all sort of things to get what they want.

    The result of the recent governorship election,in Oyo State and what has been declared officially through INEC, is perhaps largely, a product of a house divided against itself. And that is perhaps one of the reasons for it. And somehow that isn’t strange, and that is even in individual and personal lives.. And , in view of some of these results, particularly in the Southwest, there has been been for some years, some calculated attempt to indirectly frustrate righteousness and promote anti-righteousness. And sincerely, all things being equal,. ACN shouldn’t have won the governorship election in Oyo State, if really and sincerely it did. If we are, into war against corruption that of a necessity it implied war against unrighteousness and all its vices. And that is far beyond what brooms or even industrial machines for cleaning streets can handle.

    All these, sort of demands discernment for whoever cares to understand and to get into these things.. And since we’ve been able to get through these elections and it has been classified as freen,credible and with minimal violence, then we cannot but be appreciative and really thank the LORD and be continuously grateful for His mercies, kindness and faithfulness. As for, Alao- Akala, I know with certainty that he did remarkably well, but, all the aforementioned, may have perhaps led to the official results that INEC announced. He really deserves, a second term. T

    Also, these elections has not been all that easy. It has not been funny, but yet it has been worthwhile. I say hearty congratulations to INEC and all those who participated, in one way or the other in it. INEC has performed wonderfully, despite, all ‘the early logistic problems’. But please sir, and that is for INEC, don’t ever swear anybody into office, who did not really and genuinely win an election. And that is the way it should be. And if Ajinobi’s victory is really genuine and authentic, then I say hearty congratulations and hearty congratulations.

    1. From the tune of your writing, no doubt, your sympathy is with the PDP, and I say to you that there is nothing bad in that, as we may not all belongs to same group, thinking alike and doing things same way all the time. That is the beauty of democracy, ability to freely choose who you wants to govern you. What I hate in people like you however, is pretence. As for me I chose to be on the side of the ACN, simply because it paraded some credible politicians that I can vouch for. Again Fashola in Lagos has proved me right that governance is about listening and doing or giving to the people what they need to make life worth living for. Certainly, if one truly represents the people, there is no way one will not listen to them.
      Your write up here is a bundle of contradiction. (Excuse me for using that language) Firstly, you seem to be saying that the election was fair, and that the umpire did a good job, then you went ahead to say that those who won does not deserve it, your reason for saying that was because according to you houses were divided. The question to ask you is whose houses were divided PDP, ACN or AP? Again, you jumped on how credible Akala is his performances and all that. The funniest part of it is that you pleaded with INEC not to swear in any one whose election is not credible, credible by who? And by what standard? Is it by same INEC standard or the result of the election that was counted and witnessed to by party agents and the security operatives that were announced by same INEC openly? In any case, it is not the duty of INEC to swear in any elected person.
      I am several thousands of miles away from Nigeria, but I am very much aware of things going on there because Ile labo isimi oko, what many of us are enjoying here in (USA) we pray and wish that Nigerians at home will be in a position to enjoy same. What more, the money is there just as much as the human resources, all that is needed is the right coordinators to put all the resources in the rightful position.
      From all that I ‘ve heard and read, Akala can not be said to have performed well enough to deserve a come back.
      All said and done. It is now the turn of ACN and the new leaders to prove their worth. Fashola has shown the way in Lagos, but Lagos is not Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun, therefore, these new set of leaders would have to prove to us that we the electorates have not been fooled and that we have not made any mistake by trusting you with our resources. They should avoid running into silly and avoidable mistakes which could start right from the appointment of commissionership down to board membership. Remember that your party members alone does not and can not have solutions to all our problems, therefore, you should look beyond immediate. Let the credible ones among the losers be carried along, and do not see that as a sign of weakness or lack of patriotism to your party members. Remember that they (party members too would wish that you succeed. Let’s face it, many of you have not been tested, some of you are not even well known to the people that elected you, but because of the good examples laid by Fashola of Lagos, many people believed that you could perform same if not better magic in your various states if given the opportunity. Now that you have it, you will be judged by the smiles you are able to put in the face of the hitherto oppressed people. Many of us outside the country wish to come home to contribute too, but you will have to lay a solid foundation first. Here in America, a lot of our black brothers and sisters are willing to come to settle down in Africa, Nigeria in particular, but the story that is coming out of that (Nigeria) place is less encouraging. Let the SW set the records. Baba Awo did it in the past, even with little resources, other regions imitated him. We are the leaders, so lets get started once again.Asiko ti to ki olukaluku ma je oruko baba re. Let us put to shame, those apostles of main stream politics who wasted 8 years dwelling in the mainstream yet with nothing to show for it. Eku asiko!
      Deleoyibo.(Omoba) HOUSTON,TX

    2. Juwon,
      Issues between traditional rulers and Alao Akala are the least of my worries about Oyo State. We have got to the stage now in this state where people should not just respect elders or traditional rulers for the sake of it. Elders and Traditional rules need to earn the respect of the young ones by managing the economy well and prepare better future for the young people.

      You cannot just embezzle money, mismanage the economy, used public money to carry women, bleach your skin, obtain chieftaincy titles from the traditional rulers using public money and messed up the future of the young people and still expect the young people to respect you. Where will that respect come from?

      What we need in Oyo State is a functioning government that can run state affair competently. I don’t care which party that person came from, I do not care if the person was born in the Village or in Ibadan city, I care less if that person is an Ijebu or Ijebu-jesha. As long as the people of Oyo State can live well in good houses, able to send their kids to school, secures paid jobs and have better outlook for the future. What is the point having all these idiots and thugs like Adedibus and Alao Akala everywhere stealing to buy houses in London?

      The evidence is there that Alao Akala is a dead-bit, he cannot manage a family not to talk of a large state like Oyo State. He is an incompetent fat pig and should be imprisoned once and for all.

      That is why he has been voted out, so who are the slaves here lamenting about his election loss? Raise your hand up and people will shout you down.

  18. Thank God for delivery the old Alafin of Oyo kingdom from the hands of slavery, poverty and under-development. I must say, congratulation to you Senator Abiola Ajumobi. This is the mandate for democracy, the mandate for the poor LAUTEC students and all residents and indigenes of Oyo state. Each time I travel by road from Abuja to Lagos State, by the time my vehicle gets to Ibadan, I feel pains in my heart, the pains of a failling state. Oyo State is the least developed state in the whole south west. The governor was busy spending the state resources on parties and women. Aba Alao omo oloko? His International passport should be seige before he run away from Nigeria. May be he can spend the few days ahead preparing an executive suit for himself in the Adodi Prison. Aba, no respect for traditional rulers, no respect for religious leaders, no respect for women and the old. Why?

    Anyway, Ajumobi! We need you to start preparing a master plan of how to restore the glory of the old Oyo State back to a great commercial and industrial state of the south western states. Lets us have a modern city in Oyo State just like what your big brother is doing right in Lagos. Oduduwa a gbe wa o, Oyo o ni daru!

    Congratulation to Sen. Abiola Ajumobi.







  20. We thank God for delivering us from Akala and his thugs.Big congratulations to Oyo state civil servants

  21. i pobably like lagos stat govement as the are doing,but the populasion we lik if the hepene the poor to progresse.

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