AC Lawmaker Escapes Assassination!

OSUN State Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP’s) threats of death on members of the opposition political parties could have been made good recently but for the mother luck.

In Iwo state constituency, assassination attempts by the party’s political juggernaut on Honourable Razak Ayobami Salinsile, Action Congress (AC) lawmaker representing the constituency in the state House of Assembly have been revealed.

The tribal-marked political juggernaut known for his latent thuggery and brigandage, and said to be the financier of the alleged assassination attempt has been reported lately to have dispatched a killer – gang after the AC legislator.

Salinsile, according to sources, has been placed under static surveillance for extermination for what was authoritatively attributed to the larger-than-life political clout of the AC legislator in the constituency, which the PDP chieftain in the area has considered as growing wings, that must be clipped.

In the poll ward of the killer-gang chief, Salinsile’s political party won landslide in the last year’s general elections in the area, a development that has continued to give the PDP in the constituency thorough political headache.

According to sources within the PDP caucus in the state, the failure of the party chieftain to deliver his ward, adversely affected the amount of patronage the chief is reportedly getting in the political horse –trading to fill then existing political posts after the last year’s general elections.

The AC parliamentarian escaped the last assassination attempt on him, said to be the third in the last two months, and was also reported to have been well planned and executed but the legislator escaped death by the whiskers.

Based on the development, Salinsile does not sleep in his legislators’ quarters as assassins had visited the place twice within the last two months.

Assassination became a familiar turf of the PDP in the state in the electioneering campaigns that preceded the last year’s general polls.

The objective has been to ensure the ruling PDP government in the state cling on to power at all costs against the popular wishes of the people in the state.


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