A Pause At Yuletide

A burst of Joy To Celebrate ChristmasThe world pauses at this time to celebrate Christmas, the commemoration of the birth of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He entered the world unobtrusively two centuries ago. By the time he died a little over three decades later, He had left behind a worthy legacy which endures till today. Unarguably, Christ remains the Prince of Peace, the Unique One whom the Bible also recognizes as Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God and the Everlasting Father.

His injunctions of peace, love towards others, sacrifice, self-denial, cross-bearing, heavenly-mindedness, remain relevant today as they were two thousand years ago. If there is any factor which stands Jesus Christ out from His peers, it is the life of sacrifice which He consistently championed and for which He died. He succumbed to the call of death so that He might present Himself as the ultimate sacrifice to take away the sins of mankind and without which man would have remained perpetually sold to the trappings of sin and its consequences.

Although, there are many who subscribe to the teachings of Christ today, most do so only in their breach. Many others do not give a damn about those sacred injunctions, leading to a seeming Hobbesian state of nature that is nasty, brutish and short and in which we now find ourselves. Although, there are many houses of worship all over the country, a trend that should normally have produced enhanced righteousness in the land, the truth is that majority of these are devoted to teachings which amount to a travesty of the Scared and Pious pronouncements of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many believers occupy elevated positions in government and politics today, but the signals they display are more devilish and demonic than virtuous and godly.

There is acute wickedness in the land. Corruption in government has since become the fundamental and directive principle of state policy. The chop-I-chop principle has become the norm freely participated by those occupying the pinnacle of power. In our state of Osun here, the last six years have been the most nightmarish, galling and exasperating especially going by the way state resources are being mindlessly plundered.

Superfluous efforts are lavished on contract awards which benefit cronies and party henchmen than on the development of human capital and the harnessing of scarce resources which should, at least, if properly mid-wifed, lead to the transformation of society. Combined errors of omission and commission now cumulatively threaten the practice of democracy and the survival of our state, nay our nation. Meanwhile, our hapless compatriots are being made to bear the folly of their avaricious political elites and economic parasites.

As we keep praying and watching, while living a truly righteous life, it is only a matter of time before the truth is unraveled in Osun State and divine providence will eventually come to the aid of the down-trodden…

A Pause At Xmas To CelebrateThis is why Christ’s admonitions on holiness, righteousness of life, moderation in life and true service to mankind remain most relevant now than in any other age. There is need for those in government to realize the ephemeral nature of power and resist, if not desist from the temptation of using power to better their lot and status in life. Those in power must know that power is held always on behalf of the people and at no time should this be exploited to serve self and limited interests of a privileged but greedy few.

In the same vein, believers should avoid being led by the nose by knowing their rights, standing on those rights and earnestly pray for the intervention of the Almighty in removing unjust governments from the pedestal of power. We are all in dire need of spiritual and moral re-armament which will enable us locate our true position in Christ. As we keep praying and watching, while living a truly righteous life, it is only a matter of time before the truth is unraveled in our state and divine providence will eventually come to the aid of the down-trodden.


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