A Dubious Senator

isiaka adelekeNot much should be expected of the former Governor of Osun state now Senator Isaka Adeleke. The flamboyant Senator, representing Osun State West Senatorial District, infamously introduced the word ‘serubawon’ into the political lexicon.

The usage of the term ‘serubawon’ initiated into the state politics of rascality, of brawn over brain. To state the obious Isaka Adeleke’s sojourn in the government house was a farcical interlude in the firmament of Osun state. Lacking the intellectual preparation and the managerial disposition, Adeleke and his crowd embarked on a roller-coaster ride encompassing the most grotesque-attitude towards public finance management. A bewildered state stood still as maladiministration ruled the roost.

Adeleke’s misgovernance saw the priotisation of projects, such as bizarrely conceived roundabouts over much needed investments in the physical and social infrastructure. It is difficult to work out which is worse, his or Oyinlola’s maladiministraiton. Which ever way, it is the long suffering people of Osun who have suffered from misrule.

Maurice Iwu - Nigeria's electoral magicianThe opportunity cost for the state to make an advance in every sector is simply horrendous. Sadly, no one thought that it would be possible to replicate Adeleke’s litany of absurdities until the disaster-prone Oyinlola came to office. The misfortune of the good people of Osun state continues.

Predictably Adeleke has made no great inputs into the deliberations of the Senate. This cannot be entirely surprising. Lacking the intellectual strength and the focus, Adeleke certainly has nothing to contribute. The fact of course is that he should not have entered the Senate in the first place. The proposition of a senate is far too serious for the light-hearted former governor. It is difficult to recall any seminal initiation of bills by Adeleke since he entered the Senate. Thanks to the machinations of the electoral magician ‘Professor’ Maurice Iwu.

Adeleke’s latest unedifying manouvre is clearly predicated on the need to say thank you to Maurice Iwu, his benefactor. The electoral magician has understandably been under fire in recent times. For a start in comparison with his world-acclaimed counterpart in Ghana, he has clearly failed Nigeria. While the head of Ghana’s Electoral Commission has received great kudos worldwide for his admirably professional non-partisan comportment, Iwu’s conduct of Nigeria’s sham ‘elections’ have been continually repudiated by the courts.

In trying to rebrand himself, Iwu has found the indolent Osun Senator, a useful tool and an ally. After all, one dubious turn deserves another. In addition, with elections coming up in 2011, Adeleke needs all the help he can get. Adeleke in doing his benefactor’s bidding has organized a ‘vote of confidence’ in Iwu’s mismanagement of the electoral process. He rallied 11 other intellectually and morally challenged senators to do this project.

In the eyes of Adeleke and his motley crew of opportunists, everyone else is wrong in their correct assessment of the maladministration of Maurice Iwu. An entire body of internal and external assessors, who have denounced Iwu’s conducts, are wrong. Adeleke and his crowd swimming against the tide of world opinion think they can redeem Iwu’s battered image, unfortunately they can’t!

Isiaka Adeleke did nothing for Osun state during his misrule as governor. True to type, his unfortunate excursion in the Senate has not edified the state either. The man cannot in any way be regarded as a serious person. It is an indictment of the perfidy of the Obasanjo school of ‘do or die’ politics that such a misfit is representing Yorubaland in the senate. Mercifully for his type, 2011 is around the corner. At that historic juncture, the Yoruba people, bruised but unbowed will emphatically eject the like of Isiaka Adeleke. Frankly it will come none too soon.

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