A Bleak Yesterday, A Glorious Tomorrow!

Embattled Governor Oyinlola of Osun StateTo state the obvious, despondency stalks the hand, particularly in Osun State, certainly, its going to get worse. The downturn in the oil sector due to the global economic crises means that the allocation to Osun State from the federation is bound to shrink.

Economic cycles come and go. For this reason, a sensible government husbands its resources in such a way that there are savings for a rainy day. Short and long-term investments in human capital as well as the social and physical infrastructure are the best ways of doing this. This will ensure the raising of the capacity to increase capital and weather the economy.

However, it is a notorious fact that the Oyinlola administration is far from being sensible or rational. The team captain, Olagunsoye Oyinlola was a complete failure as governor of Lagos State . This is inspite of that state’s massive real and potential resources. From his inept performance in Lagos State, not much should be expected from the notorious ‘Mr. No bitumen’. Unfortunately for the people of Osun State, Oyinlola, like the bourbons, has learnt absolutely nothing and forgotten nothing.

The incapacity of the embattled and increasingly bewildered impostor governor to grow is the major problem in Osun State today. The state under Oyinlola is on a downhill descent. Yesterday is bleak and today’s reality is unpalatable because of the simple lack of administrative skill, which involves the ability to plan and implement by paying meticulous attention to details. A recent example will illustrate the effect of this debilitation.

Recently, a lot of hue and cry has come from the administration about local contractors absconding from their work after collecting fabulous mobilization fees. The issue of corruption aside this shows a lack of administrative capacity. A simple value for audit of the expenditure pattern and profile of the Osun State government will score Oyinlola very low if not give him an outright zero.

The essence of government under Oyinlola would appear to be a focus of just satisfying the political jobbers. The human capital factor so beloved of the pivotal Awolowo government of the nineteen-fifties is conspicuously lacking. The result is, of course, that not even a marginal improvement has occurred in living standards inspite of record hand-outs from the Federal Government. The money has been squandered on political jobbers, wine, women and song. Now the chickens have come home to roost. A sensible government would have developed the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) as an insurance policy or a hedge.

Bola Tinubu as governor of Lagos State did this with tremendous success. His superb successor, Fashola, is consolidating on these pivotal gains. The transformative effect of good governance and sensible governance is very visible to the eye in Lagos State. Almost on a weekly basis, new transformative initiative are coming out of the focused administration in Lagos State. By contrast, Osun is stuck in depression and retrogression Oyinlola has since given up the pretence of running a government in the modern concept and interpretation of the term.

Hope however springs eternal. There is every reason to believe that events in the next few months could usher in a decisive and irreversible change. For one, the Court of Appeal now has a welter of evidence about the shenanigans which took place during the election tribunal process. If the events which took place in Edo is any guide, Oyinlola and his crowd are about to get their comeuppance.

There will be a new more vigorous pro-people day when the choice of the people, Engr Rauf Aregbesola gets there. The same transformative process taking place in Lagos will be replicated in Osun State . Aregbe’s record as an achiever and a planner stands out. In this bleak, discouraging and terrible times, the people of Osun State should still be optimistic. They have turned the tide and seen the worst. Courage brothers and sisters, a glorious tomorrow beckons!

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