By Remi Oyeyemi “Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither (President Olusegun Obasanjo), OBJ, Atiku (Abubakar), IBB and this tall one, (Muhammadu) Buhari are part of the new. They are part of the old that is decaying. That old one is passing away. The new is emerging and these ones…”
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April 22, 2011 4:42 pm

By Remi Oyeyemi

“Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither (President Olusegun Obasanjo), OBJ, Atiku (Abubakar), IBB and this tall one, (Muhammadu) Buhari are part of the new. They are part of the old that is decaying. That old one is passing away. The new is emerging and these ones are not part of that new.”

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos and the Vice Presidential Candidate to Retired General Muhamadu Buhari, on the platform of the CPC in 2011 Elections, in the PUNCH of October 2, 2006.

“..Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatory. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.”

1 Samuel 15:22-23

If people are going to doubt God, you would think such would be those who have not known God. Or one would think this would be those who have other reasons not to believe in His existence. There are those whose circumstances, like that of Job in the Bible, have forced to ask whether God was on His throne or not. Being human, you could expect those who are close to God to actually doubt God for sundry reasons occasionally. But to go outrightly against God’s instructions in terms of total disobedience, you would not expect one of his prophets, (at least that is what Pastor Tunde Bakare called and probably still calls himself), to do so.

The last person you would expect to disobey God would be the one who claims to hear the voice of God all of the time and try to interpret to the rest of us what God is saying and what He is expecting of and from us. As they have presented themselves to us, they know what God is thinking and what He is wishing. Their closeness to God, has endowed them with some clairvoyance to see the future accurately and warn the rest of us accordingly so as to avoid possible pitfalls. But unfortunately, the HEALER in Pastor Tunde Bakare did not heal himself and he also failed to hearken to his GOD.

To a lot of us who try to ascribe credibility to Pastor Bakare, it has been difficult for us to fathom the rationale for him to accept to run as the Vice Presidential candidate to the retired General Mohamadu Buhari whom, according to him (Bakare), God has revealed that he (Buhari) would never win the presidency of Nigeria again. In a report for PUNCH newspaper by Ademola Oni on October 2, 2006, Pastor Bakare’s vision was detailed as follows:

“The Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly, Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Sunday said the dream of a former military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, to rule the nation in 2007 would fail.

Bakare, who spoke at a special programme of the church titled, ‘If the truth must be told” in Lagos, said the script to install Babangida was already being acted out.

He said, “As it is right now, only God can stop IBB from becoming the president of this nation again. You are likely to disagree but the strategy to bring him back has been perfected and the script is being acted out.

“But there is good news there because God has shown me how to stop him.”

The cleric, who did not tell his audience the strategy to stop the Minna-based General from becoming the president in 2007, added that none of the presidential front runners would make Aso Rock.

Bakare said, “Let me tell you the truth by the spirit of God, neither (President Olusegun Obasanjo), OBJ, Atiku (Abubakar), IBB and this tall one, (Muhammadu) Buhari are part of the new. They are part of the old that is decaying. That old one is passing away. The new is emerging and these ones are not part of that new.’ ” (emphasis mine)

After convincing the rest of us that this is what God has revealed to him he still went ahead and ran on the same ticket with the divinely rejected Mohamadu Buhari on the platform of CPC. For some of us who cherish reasonability, logical explanation of actions and integrity of the supposed “men of God,” Pastor Bakare’s action, to say the least, was and is still confounding. If his revelation was authentic and correct, then he has not only engaged in a perfidious act against God, he has clearly disobeyed God. Like King Saul in the Bible he has disobeyed God and the following in 1 Samuel 15: 22-23 will suffice for him:

“And Samuel said, Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatory. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.”

If the result of this election which installed President Goodluck E. Jonathan (GEJ) is the handiwork of God, then truly to Pastor Bakare, God “hath also rejected thee from being king.”To this end, whatever calamities might come his way, he would have deserved it. But, if God has nothing to do with the victory of GEJ, then it would mean that Pastor Bakare has lied in the name of the Most High and deceived the rest of us with his purported revelation, claiming to see what God did not show him. This would characterize him as an exposed fraudulent, dubious, dishonest and dangerous man that all men and women of goodwill, who cherish integrity and dignity, should stay away from. Either way, Pastor Bakare is a loser both on the spiritual and temporal plains.

This writer is an advocate of using the pulpit to advance the cause of equity and fairness amongst the people as well as responsibility and accountability on the part of the rulership. There is nothing wrong to be politically active as a man of God. It is not a sin and neither is it a crime. But to claim to have had a revelation from God Almighty and then act against such revelation, leaves much to be desired. In this writers view, only untutored followers who have been indoctrinated beyond redemption could still follow a man who, if he is not dishonest and fraudulent, is an anti-Christ in the garb of a prophet. Or how do you explain a prophet acting in a diametrically opposed manner to the words of his God and Lord?

If Pastor Bakare was not propelled by a morbid, obnoxiously inordinate ambition, he would have been more spiritually circumspective in his decision making. How can a man of God, whose mantra include fairness, justice, equity, love, mercy, consideration of others, good neighborliness among others, accept to be on the same political platform with divinely rejected retired General Mohamadu Buhari? What could have been the rationale? For those familiar with the contemporary History of Nigeria, one really has to be conscienceless to choose Buhari as his choice for the presidency of Nigeria. But, thanks goodness, despite the limitations of the last presidential election, the Nigerian electorate was not fooled.

For the avoidance of doubt the following are the legacies of retired General Mohamadu Buhari as the maximum ruler of Nigeria between 1983 and 1985. All of these atrocities are in public domain, but it is important that once again, they are recorded for history, just to show the kind of President Pastor Tunde Bakare, the self acclaimed “Apostle of Jesus Christ by the Will of God(?)” and the Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly wanted the informed Nigerian electorate to vote for:

1. Buhari’s overthrowing of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in 1983 was to checkmate the possible angst against the ruling oligarchy who are of his ethnic stock and keep the rest of Nigeria in bondage

2. To prove that Buhari’s objective was to protect his Hausa/Fulani oligarchy to the detriment of other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, he dealt with politicians from his part of the country with “glove hands” and gave politicians of other regions “bare knuckles.” The following are examples:

a. He detained President Shehu Shagari in a guest House and remanded Dr. Alex Ekwueme, the Vice President in Kirikiri Maximum Prisons. Yet, they were both the leaders of the NPN led government that has just been overthrown. What offence could have Ekwueme committed that Shagari could not have done worse?

b. Buhari sent his goons to ransack the home of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. This was aimed at insulting the sensibilities of the Yoruba Nation by disrespecting and embarrassing their Hero and Liberator from poverty and want. Chief Awolowo was not a member of the party in power that has just been overthrown, yet he had to be subjected to such unwarranted, politically and ethnically motivated vendetta. Pastor Bakare wanted us to believe that this was the handiwork of “fifth columnists” in Buhari’s regime. If this was so, what stopped Buhari from publicly apologizing to Chief Awolowo on behalf of himself and his regime, especially if Buhari’s intentions were clean?

c. He ordered Pa Adekunle Ajasin, former Governor of the old Ondo State to be retried two times when they could not find anything against him. This meant that the old man was tried three times unfairly. Buhari ordered Pa Ajasin to be detained regardless of the fact that the old man was squeaky clean. His unfair detention impaired the old man’s health and led to early death for him. When this Honorable man died, he has only one old bungalow that he built as a teacher and principal in Owo town, well before he became the governor, to his name.

d. He detained Professor Ambrose Ali of Bendel State in an inhuman condition to the point that the esteemed Professor became blind and died shortly after he was released. When the Professor died, he had only one undeveloped plot of land to his name.

e. His detention of Chief Ayo Ojewumi led to the blindness of the man. Buhari refused to let the man receive medical treatment until he completely went blind. Chief Ojewumi died exactly 28 days after he was released from Buhari’s gulag.

f. Buhari refused to allow Chief Bisi Onabanjo, the governor of Ogun State to have access to medical treatment in detention. He treated the man as a criminal and shortened the life of the esteemed governor.

g. Chief Jim Nwobodo, Chief Bola Ige, Chief Lateef Jakande, Chief Sam Mbakwe and several other southern politicians were given unreasonable sentences ranging from 100 years to 250 years while Governor Awwal Ibrahim of Niger State who was caught in Heathrow Airport in London with 14 million pounds and several millions in dollars and Naira, was detained in guest house.

3. Buhari jailed Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, on trumped up charges, allegedly as an economic saboteur with the legal backing of the Miscellaneous Offences Decree No. 20 of 1984, for having less than 10,000 dollars in his possession on his way out of the country. The judge in the case later apologized and confessed that he was ordered to jail the famous Musician regardless of his innocence. The Buhari junta would later say publicly that it “decided to deal with this Fela problem once and for all.”

4. Buhari instructed his ADC, Major Mustapha Jokolo to smuggle 53 suit cases, allegedly stuffed with foreign currency, through Murtala Mohammed Airport against the protests of General Tunde Idiagbon and Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, who was then Acting Director General of the Customs and later became the Vice President. A case of all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

5. The change of color of the nation’s currency notes (except the fifty kobo note) in April 1984, allegedly to stop currency trafficking. The exercise rendered almost half of the estimated N6 billion of had earned money of ordinary Nigerians, worthless at the expiration of the change.

6. Buhari enacted Public Officers (Protection Against False Accusation) Decree 4 of 1984 with which he jailed journalists Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing the truth. He said publicly that it did not matter if any of the journalists wrote the TRUTH, as long as he and his junta did not like it, the writers would go to jail. This casted Buhari as someone who never cares about the truth and a vindictive person.

7. He cancelled the METROLINE PROJECT that Governor Lateef Jakande embarked upon as a vendetta against the Yoruba people. He chose rather to pay a fine of $60 million rather than guarantee $100million needed for the completion of the project. Soon after, he procured several Airplanes for the Nigeria Airways costing several millions.

8. He put in place a retroactive law with which he murdered three innocent men: Lawal Ojuolape (30), Bernard Ogedengbe (29) and Bartholomew Owoh (26), by public execution. Buhari did not allow them to go through the judicial system. He never respected the laws of the land. Article 11.2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads: “No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission WHICH DID NOT CONSTITUTE A PENAL OFFENCE, under national or international law at the time when it was committed. NOR SHALL A HEAVIER PUNISHMENT BE IMPOSED THAN THE ONE THAT WAS APPLICABLE AT THE TIME THE PENAL OFFENCE WAS COMMITTED. Buhari left untouched an alleged well known drug baron in Ibrahim Babangida who later overthrew his government.

9. Buhari is the first Nigerian to be involved in stolen fund to the tune of billions. $2.8billion dollars of our money disappeared from NNPC under Buhari, when he was the Minister of Petroleum. Pastor Bakare called this “poppycock.”

10. He convinced all the northern political leaders against allowing the National Identity Card program because according to him, this would unravel the myth of Northern population majority.

11. He is an Islamic fundamentalist, the Bin Laden of Nigeria, who told his northern followers never to vote for anyone who was not a muslim.

12. He is a coup plotter.

13. He has never been able to account to Nigerians what he did with the 20 billion Naira of the Petroleum Trust Fund of which he was the chairman under Sani Abacha.

14. He was in full support of all the atrocities of Sani Abacha against the Nigerian people. There is no single record of his criticism of Sani Abacha during those dark days when Nigeria was on precipice. It shows that he is a patriot of convenience and as such not fit to lead the country. He was later to say publicly, on the tenth anniversary of Sani Abacha’s death that Sani Abacha never stole anything from Nigeria.

15. The Human Rights Violation and Investigation Commission (HRVIC) headed by Honorable Justice Chukwudifu Oputa an eminent jurist, was insulted and disrespected by Buhari who refused to appear before it. His message to Nigerians is that he (Buhari) is above the law and could not be held accountable.

16. He made Nigerians to go through the agony of having to scavenge and scamper for what was described as “essential commodities” such as milk, sugar and other diary products, thus creating emergency wealth for those who were very connected with his government.

The above list of Buhari’s atrocities is not exhaustive by any means. The atrocities are just pointed out to show how ungodly a supposedly man of God like Pastor Tunde Bakare could be. He tried in several interviews to justify these crimes in public domain to the point that he was comparing Chief Bola Ige, Professor Ambrose Ali, Chief Olabisi Onabanjo, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, Chief Jim Nwobodo, Chief Ayo Ojewumi, Chief Sam Mbakwe, Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu to NAZIs. Pastor Bakare did this by comparing their trials by Buhari to Nuremberg Trials. How low could a man of God go to commit sins?

Pastor Bakare, did not just disobeyed God, he offended God. His audacious justification of the unfair trials of the personalities mentioned above is an act of perfidy against the rule of law. Pastor Bakare trivialized the agonies of his own Yoruba people and that of other Nigerians, as he traded obvious historical facts for odious sophistry on the opprobrious altar of a noxious ambition. He deodorized the persecution of his own people in the hands of a neo-colonial sadist by the name Mohamadu Buhari as he engaged in obnoxious inanities. He sold his spiritual birthright for a swoop of poisonous political porridge.

By now, it should be clear to all that because Pastor Bakare “hast rejected the word of the LORD,” God “hath also rejected” him “from being king.” It is a tragedy that this is what has become of the self acclaimed “Apostle of Jesus Christ by the Will of God(?)” and the Serving Overseer of The Latter Rain Assembly.


I find it hard to understand the rationality of Mr. Oyeyemi to write this piece. I am taking aback by the ignorance of people who claim to know the bible but truly did not understand how to interprete the scripture. At least, Mr Oyeyemi should show some courtesy to Pastor Bakare that he has an unalienable right to accept nomination without reglious sentiments. The problems with a lot of half-baked christians like Mr. Oyeyemi is that they are entrenched in a religious mentality that man himself has no power or brain to channel a good course for themselves unless the oracle has spoken. People like Mr. Oyeyemi needs to come to terms that no one should use the name of God for political purpose or condemn others if they choose to exercise their fundamental right. I think the piece written by Mr. Oyeyemi indicates the lack of intellectual rigours that is unexpected from educated people to say the least!


    You need to address the facts presented by Mr. Oyeyemi rather than being sentimental and more catholic than Pope. If Pastor Bakare erred in judgment let him accept his error an apologize to people he might have offended and move forward. A lame duck defense by Niyi will further kick at the sensibilities of hurting Nigerians. The healing can only begin when we are all open to truth.


    Mr Niyi…obviously u hv nothing reasonable 2 on earth can u defend Bakare after he’s comitted such atrocities.people lyk u r d ones dt spoil ds country…u r morally bankrupt!

    Busola Bns

    My man, thank you! Some people do not understand that God lets us decide some things ourselves. Abi was it God that chose my lunch or shoes today? Goodness!!! I couldn’t even read it to the end. Someone needs to google up mike huckabee. (d preacher dt became a governor)

Segun Owolabi

This is serious and an eye opener. I never respected Tunde Bakare at all. There are so many of his deeds I know, may God forgive him. As for Buhari what you have written is an open secret and more had happened. You can imagine his targets after the election. His main aim is to eliminate the Southern Christians. May be you have forgotten that Tunde Bakare was a staunch Islamic fundamentalist. I do not call people like that Muslims because the word Muslim regards to those who worship God in Peace. Tunde is worse than Jim Jones of USA and Al queada leaders. They are not Christians or Muslims, they are Sadists. Buhari is a principled and disciplined man however the truth of the matter is that we Southerners introduced corruption into the polity. The early Northern leaders could be trusted, even out Meguards of those days but not now. We need a total mind revolution for unity of this country if we believe we should be together if not it is better to unite as a loose Federation where the Regions are stronger than the center.


    If u don’t want to be judged, u better don’t judge others.
    Besides, why do we judge others by their actons while we desire to be judged by our intentions.
    I’m scared for most of these peeps saying this and that, u know why?
    God may just ask us all after all these “who told you” these things you are sayin like He said to Adam in d garden.
    Who is all the source of all these fire you guys are spitting, God or ur Almighty selves?


Thanks to Mr. Oyeyemi for opening our eyes. He has done justice in this article to the fact that Tunde Bakare does not really deserves to be call a “Pastor.” How can a supposed “Pastor” mlike Tunde Bakare have no sense of fairness and justice? How can he continue to justify the wicked actions of Buhari? Is he not supposed to be a “man” of God?

As to Niyi’s comments above, it smacks of ignorance and fundementalism. Was it not Bakare who told us that God spoke to him that Buhari is a divinely rejected man? How can you say God has told you that the man would never make it because God is displeased with him and then TURN AROUND to endorse him and run for office with him on the same tickect? Does Bakare think that all of us are fools? Does he think we do not have the capacity to think?

Taking part in politics is not a crime. But do not come to us saying God has spoken to you when this is not the case just to sell yourself. It is very diabolical. Do not deceive the people in the name of God. Bakare has actually offended God as Mr. Oyeyemi pointed out in this article.

In my opinion, only born again idiots would continue to follow a man like Tunde Bakare. He is not worthy of any respect. Mr. Oyeyemi is right about the fact that people who value dignity and integrity should stay away from this dishonest man who call himself a pastor.

Worse of all, he compared Our Bola Ige, Pa adekule Ajasin and others to NAZIS just to defend Buhari. He must be out of his mind.

    Busola Bns

    dumb dumb. do we have to explain to some of our illiterate friends that it is not everyone who runs for political office that runs to win? Some run so that they can shine some light on certain issues, some run to show that it is possible and people should not be afraid or ashamed especially in a country like ours that has been crippled by fear. There are many other reasons out there but pls don’t make d blunder of assuming everyone is running to win


Dear Niyi,
It is amazing how religion could blind you to the truth. I am surprised that you are accusing Mr. Oyeyemi of lack of intellectual vigour, yet you are the one manifesting intellectual aridity as far as this issue is concerned. Mr. Oyeyemi is criticizing your “god” Tunde Bakare for going against the revelation that he gave to Nigerians on Buhari. He was not condemning him for participating in politics, just the way Bakare went aboput it. That you lack the ability to understand this from the article shows how intellectually limited you are.

Moreso, we need to hold those who seek to lead us to account, whether spiritually or politically. Bakare is a shortsighted human being who did not do critical thinking before he went out to support someone who according to him, has been rejected by God, and because of that was lying through his teeth to defend him!

He threw our leaders under the bus just to justify the horrible trials that Buhari made them to go through. It is either you are one of Bakare’s uncritical followers or you are just so intellectually limited that you would need some help.

Mr. Oyeyemi, I should thank you for making the truth known to the world. We are tired of fake prophets who speak from the two sides of their mouths. Thank God, the Nigerian electorate were not deceived. All of us would have been in serious trouble with leaders like Tunde Bakare. He is despicable to say the least.


I want to say that for Pastor Bakare to allowed his president,Buhari to pushed the northerns fanertezims to killed the Lords children because he did not win the election is another act of sin before God,i wonder as a man of god what he feels when he hears that churches are being burned and lives are being wested because of him and buhari in the name of election,people who buhari says he cares for them where killed and churches which Pastor Bakare is oneof them was burn because of him and Buhari,this marveled me,but i have no right to judge him,because whatever it is,is between him and God,


as a matter of fact our God is not an author me confusinn. If he had said it will it not anome to pass. But then lets not judge that we may not be judged. Come to think of it when God wanted a king for israel he SENT SAMUEL TO GO TO THE HOUSE ME JESSE DAVID was not at home but through divine knowledge he waited and anointed david.david.

Remi Oyedola

First I salute my compatriot Mr. Remi Oyedele for this write-up. I do enjoy your writings roundly. However, there is a need for me to correct you here. We that cherish relating history must realise we tell the truth with facts and not hearsays or mere newspaper articles. Only part of the poinfs you raised are right, some of them are not correct but mere tools deployed by despots to gain political prominence. An example of that is the 53 suit cases popularised by Atiku. Buhari had nothing to do with that case and some others. For details of the truth about the suitcases, you can go and ask major Jokolo (rtd), the deposed Emir of Gwandu and the custom officers at MMA at that time.
Having said that, as I had written in times past, getting people like Buhari back to power in Nigeria will bring doom. It was through his arrangement that the worst thing to have ever happened to Nigeria, in form of IBB’s era,came to be. When the intelligent ones rule Nigeria, we have problems, it becomes unimaginable when the unintelligent ones come to power. He who wants to rule a country like ours must at least, have an idea about the basics of economy, politics, society, law and the entire anthropology. All these knowledges are lacking in the persons of Buhari and IBB as demonstrated by their previous regimes. Buhari’s administration remain indelible for destroying the economic base of Nigeria and effectively changing us to monolithic oil economy. He, in the name of WAI, destroyed all the shops and economic livelihoods of our people. Some of those people, who were lucky to survive, never made it again in life, they became paupers. The farmers in the village left for cities in search of white colar jobs. Buhari could not prioritise projects of national importance from that of national development. He behaved like we were all soldiers in the barracks. So like I said in the past and with all due respect, Buhari will not come back to rule Nigeria ever by God’s grace. We do not want to go backwards in this 21st century.
For Pastor Bakare, there is nothing wrong in him joinng partisan politics, it is not against the principles of God as it has been the arguments of some Christians. It all depends on their level of growth in God and their understanding. However, I knew Pastor Bakare played to the gallery when he joined Buhari. I was dumbfounded to see that alliance and I knew he was misinformed. This might be due to sheer ambition or lack of vision as you said. He is an adult and he probably will learn a great lesson from this. As for his predictions, I cannot comment, its between him and God if he lies. But I think people should grow up, so as not to be deceived on all fronts, whether politics or religion. There is a fine line between politics and religion. Let the Christians and other religions play politics actively, the only thing is for our people to open their eyes and be not deceived. Thank you once more my brother.

Wole Toogun

The evil that men does lives after them. So said an adage. Buhari should have known that Nigerians do not forget evil deeds and wrong doings of their self-imposed leaders quite easily- most especially those ones committed by. Buhari. It is pay back time and Buhari should just go back to Daura and start to weep for himself instead of weeping for Nigeria like he did last week Good riddance of bad rubbish.


Well, we thank Mr. Yemi, for a nice work done here. By the truth and sell it not. Pastor Bakare is a fine man of God. he might have been mislead, I want you all to realize that this guy has strong passion for Nigeria. We all need to pray for him. Who could not make a mistake?

    john (usa)

    Also, by rejecting the post dated resignation letter as proposed by
    IBB, and Buhari Pst Tunde has served GOD’S PURPOSE to help return Jonathan to power


Please fellow nigerians, let us stop this critism and pray for our fellow brethren in time of trouble or in times like this, not to pastor bakare only,
but to others fellow christians. Though i do not know the pastos one on one,but we should always reason before we say somethings. like Henry said, nobody made us a judge over him, its between him and God.
Its time we christians should learn to really show some love.


Dear Readers,

I want to thank you for your contributions and I am happy that people in Nigeria now have the audacity to express their views over the internet in a way that we cannot do before in a newspaper. My problem has nothing to do with Pastor Bakare or Buhari in terms of political participation. My point has to do with over-religious reason or pespective that we used to slaughter ourselves. I have lived abroad for several years after I spent about 30 years in Nigeria. I used to be an evangelist preaching the gospel of Christ and God has used me to touch the lives of people to His glory. One thing I know about “born again” Christianity, especially in Nigeria is that we do not understand what it means to hear from God. But we know that if God indeed has spoken, that thing must come to pass. The story of Jonah is a very classic example when God decided to forgive his people and made his prophet looked like a liar. Who can query Him? I believe that Jonah experienced a dissappointment to say the least according to the scripture. God is not static in His word. He is ever dynamic because people have the capacity to change and be forgiven. Pastor Bakare was just speaking at a point in time in reference to the life of a man. Everyone of us change our views as we grow up in life. Buhari as a military dictator will be different as a democratic president! That does not mean Buhari did not have a past. But are people forgiven in the way God does, especially when we called ourselves Christians? The same people who slaughtered Awolowo when he was alive are the same people praising him after death. People have the capacity to change their views! Rather than healing the wounds of the past as Christians, we continue to allow sentiments to override our good thoughts and reasoning, analyzing people based on past alone and not incuding the present. I think if we continue to do this, we will never have the kind of democracy we deserve as people. Nigeria is a complex society and we should learn to discuss issue in a secular manner with facts. Religion is a personal thing and we should never use it for attacking the character and integrity of people. If Pastor Bakare has stolen money or you have any facts as to why he should not be voted for by violating the continutional law of the country other than being “a man of God”, please say so. But talking about prophesy, which is something beyond natural reasoning (that is talking about future event), it is very hard for someone to defend himself. Please, I will like to indulge everyone to learn how to use public forum like this to argue for or against with facts and no religious connotations. I love Mr. Oyeyemi as a Christian. We should endeavour to be tolerant of one another in a political arena so that good people that will help the masses can come forth. Nigeria needs good leaders and the problems facing people are too burdensome. Opening million churches or mosques will not solve the problem. God has given us the brain power to channel our course in this life. We must seek it for generation unborn!

Thank you all for your kind comments.


Thanks to the writer of this article. I pray that God will forgive Pastor Bakare for his transgressions. He has the right to participate in politics. But he has no right to deceive us and take us for granted.

WE THE PEOPLE, have the right to JUDGE Pastor Bakare. He offers himself as spiritual and political leader. We have to make sure he is worthy of out TRUST as a LEADER. If his actions and utterances do not measure up, WE THE PEOPLE have the right to call him to order as this writer has rightfully done.

I hope he will learn his lessons and seek the eye of God. I know God is a forgiving GOD. BUT HE HAS TO REPENT as the first step. May God have mercy on him.


God help us all.thanx mr niyi


This is a good write up cos Mr BAKARE abandoned my dad works for evil politics.l’ve said earlier that it was a time wasting and if he shows his face in BAUCHI and KANO for now,walahi na YAMUTU.

Edwin Etim

These revelations by Mr.Oyeyemi’s treatise is so shocking and more shocking
is that a nitwit like Alhaji Bin Niyi would dare spew his venom and vituperation
at Mr.Oyeyemi.
The fact of the matter is that the so called Born -again -Christians or
Pentecostal Church members are agents of the devil in our midst.
God spoke to human kind through his Prophets.God’s words are recorded in
the Holy Bible.Anybody who claims that God speaks to him or her should be
sent to a psychiatrist for mental evaluation and counseling.
Mr.Tunde Bakare is a luciferian pastor.He has to consult a specialist for
his mental evaluation and counseling. According to the renowned Autor,Sir
William Shakespeare;'” the intrument of darkness tell us truths in little things
to beguile us into matters of greater consequencies.'”
The instrument of darkness,Pastor Tunde Bakare did prophesy that if Jonathan ran for the Presidency a calamity will befall him.Now Jonathan did
run and won.I bet that in hundred years noithing will happen to Jonathan.
The man is a charlatan and a Chameleon.Tunde Bakare is an agent of lucifer.
Tunde Bakare and his Principal,Alhaji Buhari threatened that if the election
is rigged,meaning if they lost the election,the recent events in north Africa will
be a child’s play in comparison to what will happen in Nigeria.
They lost the election and they claimed that it was rigged.Living up to their
words,they unleashed their morons and peons to murder Christians,burn their
property and places of worship.
Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate,Tunde Bakare will pay for these crimes.The International Criminal Court at the Hague has already offered
to take over thecase if the government chooses not to prosecute these miscreants and reprobates,Buhari and Bakare.


    If the publication in punch 2006 is real. Let a copy or reminder be sent to Pastor Tunde Bakare.
    Any Coup Plotter should forget about Aso Rock.
    Buhari and Bakare has agreed that GEJ won the elections in the North, since they did not challenge the results.
    On what basis would they challenge South-South and South-East which is the strong hold of GEJ.
    People promised Buhari and Co that they will deliver South-South and South-East just to collect money and put in their pocket.

    Joseph A.


Write-up too long, some of the comments too long. Try expressing yourself in a short and precise terms. Thanks


In as much as I do not support Bakare I strongly disagree with you that all born again Christian are agents of the devil. The fact that you do not hear from God does not mean some people do not hear from God.

God bless Nigeria and GEJ


Mr Oyeyemi, You have written very well and I honestly have a believe that you have read the bible so well but what class would you have put a man like Isaiah who told king Hezekiah what the Lord had said about his death and told this to the king in the palace in the presence of the different people. but by the actions of the king the Lord had to ask Isaiah the prophet to make a contrary statement. Does that mean this said prophet did not hear from God?

Com’on my guy dont show prejudice in your writing. God can not lie and he can not be put in the box as you have creatively tried to do with your writing. So I would onlu conclude that your arguments are grossly unfounded and the least ridiculous to read.


Dear Kenneth,
With due respects, you are being smart by half. Because of your biased mind towards this author and blind support for Pastor Bakare, you have not told us here that Pastor Bakare has informed Nigerians that God has told him that HE has changed his mind about Buhari.

If he has not told us that, it means that he was following his own mind in disobedience to God. There is nothing wrong if Bakare wants to be politically involved. It is his birthright. It is not a sin like the author pointed out. But do not call the name of your Lord God in vain and deceive the rest of us.

Pastor Bakare acted in a diabolical and despicable manner. He has lost credibility. May God have mercy on him for his shenanigans.


One of the major problems we have in Nigeria today is the blind followership that we have given our religious leaders. We all think that they should be beyond reproach because they are assumed to be “prophets of God.” They have to be checkmated all of the time to ensure that they are not leading us astray just like Pastor Bakare is trying to do.

Anyone in any form of leadership role has a responsibility to be accountable and not take his followers for granted.

The next time Bakare comes out to tell the rest of us that God has spoken to him, Nigerians are certain to critically assess what information is passing to the rest of the world. He is a bad example of what a Pastor ought to be.


I am not a Bakare apologist and have no intention to be. However I have froliced alot with different pastors and over the years and believe me Bakare has more integrity than the lots that we all believe for what they say or dont say.

@Agba-Oje I completely agee with you that a lot of Nigerians are sheepish rouges called pastors but my objection to your comment is you last statement. I believe strongly that if we have enough pastors (religious men/women) who will dare to speak out against the heap of rubbish going on in our country and in churches like Bakare we will have some level of sanity and the people will be less sheepish.

@Anonymous April 25, 2011 – 12:03 pm. I do not probably know Bakare more than you but I can assure you I have moved in that sphere of so called men/women of God and the consistency I have heard from Bakare’s teaching is more God inclined than any I have heard. I am not a religious or Bakare biased but I know my bible because I have learnt by reason of pastoral deceits to study for myself the teachings and not depend on the manipulations that come from the pulpits in order to increase their enterprese or bank accounts. I most also say I have seen that the teaching of Bakare is more scripture based than most I have heard from many Nigerian preachers.Does Bakare have to come back and tell you about what God has told him about Buhari… I dont think it could have been better said by accepting the VP offer.
I know that every one has seen an opportunity to pounce on Bakare, but before you do let us critically look at the alternative we have voted into power… My acceptance of Tunde Bakare’s teaching will remain as long as it is scriputre based and it unshackles the fetters that the secular and religious leaders are craftily putting on the people. I know that Righteousness will exhalt Nigeria and One can win by righteousness. I AM CONVINCED THAT TUNDE BAKARE IS A PASTOR WITH A HEART FOR GOD.


You know what Interset me most about the current polity in Nigeria is that most supporters of BB are in diaspora, they cut completely across the geopolitics distribution of the country. They seemed to be more informed about the problem of Nigeria and the solution than the pathetic fellow Nigerians in Nigeria that are so myopic in their views. It is sad that this writer could be so petty to ridicule what even the whites believe could be the turning point for our Nigeria if such individuals can be allowed lead Nigeria.

Mr Oyeyemi, I must say I do not find you write up credible or inspiring but pure written out of dislike for the persons of Buhari and Bakare. That is fine but you I can assure you that the lives of young futureless Nigerians that have been blighted by the corruption and wicked governance style in Nigeria is worth more than you conspiracy to undermine the vision of hope that we in diaspora have about our country. I would advice that you get more creative with your writing and profer solution to the dilemma we face as a country by promoting men and wome that have thepassion and desire to save the wrecking ship. Thanks but no thanks for your flawed pathetic writeup.


Pastor You re a bitch even Mr oyeyemi thief all of you are in same group, Fuck you all. those men don’t deserve to breath…..Fuck you once again,How nigeria going to survive? cause the Lord can’t see us in the deep dark clouds of the projects….


Chike wrote:

“…….even the whites believe could be the turning point for our Nigeria if such individuals can be allowed lead Nigeria.”

This mentality expressed in this quote is the problem with Nigeria. Everything the “whites” think, suggest, breath, do, sing, snore, spit or whatever is always good. It shows an abysmal level of intellect to think this way. It conveys an embarrassing level of aridity of original thinking.

Thank God, those in the Diaposra do not have to decide for the rest of us. THEY HAVE BEEN REMOVED from reality. They are in la la land. How can anyone with average intelligence assume that because he or she is in the USA or UK he has more intelligence than those of us in Nigeria? Stupid thinking!

Buhari is one of the major actors who brought Nigeria to its knees. He is bereft of any good ideas and should go and sit in his Daura. If not for the Nigerian Army where he had unfair advantage, Buhari is just another High School drop out. It is a shame that in a country that boasts of intellectual giants, liliputians like Buhari is being seeing as something to be paid atetnion to. He is not better than an ordinary gateman in better climes. It is only in Nigeria that idiots like that could aspire to rule the rest of us because of the “born to rule ” mentality.

B………… Sh…….., as Americans would say.

amando bazinta

someday i wont be surprise if bishop oyedepo says he is called up to run for a political election like chris okotie and now bakare, cant we see the world is coming to an end. business everywhere, everyone likes foul means this days. they wan chop.

As for mr oyeyemi, thanks for the top secret we dont know,you have reviewed alot and you try .but i dont trust you aswell

Fidelis (UK)

Dear Mr Anonymous

Your anger cannot make what is not to be. Some people are better than you and they will be whether you are angry or not. The White man (and some sensible Nigerians in diaspora) have succeeded in making things happen for themselves and their people. Dem get light you get? dem get good roads you get? even ordinary school you government not fit provide… come here come de halla oyibo man. Sorry for your life. Mugu worse pass you!!

And as long as we have such irrational people like you and the kind of government you prefer for our country they will be first among their equal. You want to fight the status quo without what it takes what a foolish engagement. With all your venom wont you go and queue at the embassy for visa dont you hope and pray someday you will buy a car or buy A/C for your house which one was made by your black head and in your corruption wasted country?… yet you dare to condemn the white man. Since the White man stepped out of your lives what significant improvement have your stupid black rouges called leaders given to you instead they steal your collective money and bring it to the white man to create things that you will in your stupidity kill and steal to have. Yet you see a group of individuals that are committed to sanitize the environment so we can be people to be acknowledge in the commity of nation and you talk nonsense. May sango and Oya visit all of you that make Nigeria a by word and an abomination to hear, see or talk about. You can have bad belle Diaspora and white man from now till eternity they are better than you and your ignorance is evident with your statements and we need less of your type in our country so that we can move up the ladders of progress and have a corruption free society.

Look monkey dey fight human being as if that go mak human being becom monkey or monkey becom human being… to me dat na mumu rise to the power zillion.










I dont see any thing wrong with Pastor Tunde Bakare contesting for elective position. Our politie is bad because godly people wont speak. Afterall, we all celebrate the likes of Martin Luther king Jnr. today. I must also commend the author, but I dont dig his ethnic cards…


hmmn…I am soo so sad for Nigeria. See what the so called “Nigerian intellectuals” are writing….Whether you agree or not…its a simple law of physics throw something up and it comes down whether you agree or not..those who are truly intelligent fully understood the law and were able to make planes! not asking for someone to agree…trust me…we’ll still have this conversation again in few years time! Its simple law of nature…u only get a snug fit with a square peg and a square hole!.we are in big trouble!!!…the problem of Nigeria deserves absolute committment to selecting the best of the best for the #1 &#2 position of the country and that should be the focus of a conversation that would lead to Nigerian emancipation. And it should have been the focus of every single nigerian if the country was on its way to development. I laugh when I see people curse at the intelligent comment by Niyi…Men we are in trouble…big time..We think we know..we think we are smart…but no molecule of substance in our points. I went to university in Nigeria and have spent several years in the US and I know what I am saying. Some of us need to get out a little more maybe our focus and perspective of things would change. Countries that succeed and even the one that emancipate themselves out of poverty are a reflection of the content of their citizenry!!!…men we are in trouble..what i am seeing is very disapointing…the trend is not good…our focus is skewed big time for a country with such big goals!!!!please kindly disagree


You have tried to defend your chosen simply bcos you delight in less objective arguments. Let me ask you, “Did God tell Bakare to run with Buhari to win or to loose the election?” Either way, any child of God wishes, prays and hopes for positive results. So if God told Bakare to run with Buhari to win, I wonder why He Changed on the way. If it was to fail, I still wonder why He chose to use His ‘own’ in a negative way, which today brings him much insult. Yet sincerely Speaking, can you compare Hezekiah with Buhari or even Bakare? Hezekiah being told of the impending danger cried out to God. God in His mercy remembered Jeremaiah 33/3. Did you listen to the ulterances of Buhari and Bakare even as the corpers and others were killed and churches burnt by their loyalists? True christian should be doers and not speakers.
I read from a magazine yesterday (still selling), “Tunde Bakare caught pants down with a female pastor” If you love him that much pray for him. No noone has reached a comfort zone. You might even be righteous more than the people you defend…….


I don’t see any reason for all these argument, everyone of us has an individual role to play in contribution to the emancipation of this great nation called nigeria, forget about what other people did or did not do they are now in the past, but ask urself; what have I done today as an individual in contribution to the change that I want to see in nigeria. I think one of the best we can do is pray for nigeria and I tell u, if not for the prayers of some few people today, the little peace we still enjoy in some parts of this country would not be there at all.


As a result of a news reporting by ABC in New York I just heard (about an hour ago around 6:00 PM today Tuesday September 18, 2012 – Chicago time) about an old manuscript of around 400 years after Christ – insinuating that Jesus was discovered to write: “to my wife…”; I came online to fine my rejoinder to the Editorial Page on the Sunday Punch (I think in April) in 1985 entitled “Jesus had a Wife” – to which a wrote I Gregg Moore wrote a Rejoinder that was published was Published unabridged and unedited the very next Sunday also in early 1985. This search I undertook to help me respond to the allegation that Jesus had a wife – a hot news brewing in the US which I successfully dealt with in Nigeria in early 1985. I could not find this article as much as I tried, but unfortunately; or should I say coincidentally I found this article on Tunde Bakare and Mohamadu Buhari. It is to this now that I want to briefly comment.

I am grateful for the information this writer brought to my knowledge which completely escaped me and so shocked that I am just knowing. I thank you again for knowing this much about that retired Head of State, who I think was the first if not only military leader that handed over power to a civilian regime – this again is not totally clear to me but pardon me if this is an error on my part. My near ordeal at the University of Lagos Graduate School of Business around that 1983 era must had prevented me from following the news adequately. But thank God, I successfully completed my first Masters degree in Unilag before returning to Unife for another Master and to start on a Ph D.

But my main reason for this rejoinder to your article that is at least a year old now (this is not my style at all – ask Punch Newspapers about Gregg Moore) is because of what you wrote about Tunde Bakare who again I have not seen for years but who I first heard about in 1978 – even before setting my eyes on him while he was an undergraduate in the University of Lagos and I in the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University).

Do you have religion Mr. Writer, and who has your allegiance: Mohammed, African Traditional Religion, one of these many eastern religion, are you an atheist or agnostic? Or are you a follower of Christ? I am sure you know that the Devil has more than one name. He is also Lucifer and “the Accuser of the brethren” to mention just two. And we do well to run away from associating with whatever names the devil goes by – so as not to spend eternity with him in everlasting fire.

Whereas what you wrote about Buhari was profound: if you were my student at the Yaba College of Technology or the Lagos State Polytechnic Isolo, I will give you a straight “A” (I did not teach Politics though in those two Colleges I thought Business and Marketing) – but was Buhari different or worse than the average Nigerian Politician? I don’t think so (Otibaje Afe tunshe / Ome biara Ochoro Omezia / Yalala she Zamu jara). Good people every where in Diaspora and within Nigeria I believe are praying for Nigeria – I just hope you are one of them, I mean if you are a believer. By the way I wanted to communicate with Bakare not to run with Buhari when I heard about the ticket, but it was almost too late, besides I heeded some voices not to meddle with Nigerian politics from abroad. But if I had communicated with Bakare on the issue, it will not be in line with your point of argument – though I just told you I will give you an “A” if Iwere your professor in the University. Bahari was so bad, but what did jthe Son of God say in John 8:7 (Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her [Amplified]. Confession, I don’t mean before the Reverend Father but directly to God before the Mercy Seat is needful for us all, for no sin will enter heaven. All sins in heaven has been purged when Satan and the angels that fell for his lie were cast out of heaven and reserved for newly created hell, when almost simultaneously earth an first man was created to replace, fill up the vacuum and the wicked angels left behind in heaven. Whose are you? I ask myself the same question, and all my readers too. God bless, Jesus is coming back soon.


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