Missing Malaysian Aircraft ‘Deeply Sinked In The Sea’, Says T.B Joshua

As the rest of the world struggles to grapple with the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance mid-air of a Malaysian Airlines flight MH307, Senior Prophet of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, SCOAN, T.B Joshua has revealed that the plane crash-landed into the sea and is buried deep underneath the waters. Information Nigeria reports that…”
Ademola Iginla
March 10, 2014 3:03 pm

TB Joshua
As the rest of the world struggles to grapple with the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance mid-air of a Malaysian Airlines flight MH307, Senior Prophet of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, SCOAN, T.B Joshua has revealed that the plane crash-landed into the sea and is buried deep underneath the waters.

Information Nigeria reports that the Boeing 777 aircraft vanished off the coast of Vietnam two hours after taking off at the Kuala Lumpur airport with 239 souls on board in the early hours of Saturday.

But on Sunday morning during a live service, the highly controversial Prophet said this concerning the missing Malaysian aircraft: “The plane concerned is deep inside the sea. Some of the particles will be seen on the surface of the sea any moment from now.

“May their souls rest in peace. We pray the Lord gives the family and loved ones the strength to bear the loss. Our prayer and love are always with them, the nation of Malaysia and other countries who had passengers on this flight”, he said.

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Meanwhile, it was learnt that a plot by members of the Boko Haram sect to bomb the SCOAN headquarters in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos State was unsuccessful as one of the potential bombers confessed purportedly to the act yesterday.

The suspect, who gave his name simply as Mustapha from Adamawa State, confessed that they were five in number but four of them “scattered” away following what he said was “confusion” in their midst.

“We were five in number,” he said. “We dropped at the junction opposite from (sic) the church. There was a man who used to sell something opposite the church here. He is selling sweets, soap and cigarettes. I met the man and asked him to help me keep the bag I was carrying. It contained some instruments – bombs, to destroy people”.

However, Mustapha said the local trader refused to collect the bag. “We decided to sit down and eat before going on our mission here. Our plan was to take souls, to destroy at this Synagogue Church”.

Mustapha recounted a strange incident that took place as they sat down to eat at a restaurant opposite the popular church. “They brought food for us and we were eating. At that place, they had television. We were watching the television and discussing. It was Emmanuel TV – I saw you (T.B. Joshua) preaching to people”.

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Mustapha told the stunned congregation that he had never been in a church before and had no idea who T.B. Joshua was. “By the time you prayed and laid hands on the screen, it was like you were there with us and you joined our midst. As you laid your hands on the screen, you laid your hands on our face. That was when confusion came between us; everybody scattered”, he confessed.

“Since that day, I wanted to go home but I am not fit. Any time I lie down, I will be seeing you (T.B. Joshua) in my dream. You are disturbing me. I don’t know what I did to you. The thing is bothering me too much.”

Asked to explain further, Mustapha revealed, “In my dream yesterday, you told me that the group of Boko Haram would not exist again. I want to go but I don’t have the spirit to do it again. I don’t sleep in the night; I always see you. You are disturbing me. You keep praying for me and laying hands on me. I want to sleep well. I cannot close my eyes without seeing you (T.B. Joshua). Please, help me”.

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Affirming the plot to bomb his church, Joshua said he had been forewarned by God of the impending attack several weeks ago, prompting him to go into intense prayers.

“I have been in a serious battle for the past two weeks. Those who looked at my knees yesterday will know that this is what I wore last week”, Joshua stated, explaining that he wore the same pair of jeans for the past few weeks which were clearly soiled from prolonged prayer sessions.

“It was not a surprise to me because I have seen it. My mission is to separate him from the spirit that is controlling him to do that. We are not to fight mere flesh and blood”, the pastor explained.



oyeanmi kehinde

God is wondefull


That is no prediction. Anyone with foresight knows that by now


T.B Joshua is a scammer!


Scammer indeed — cashing-in on the ignorance of the populace.

1) A big 777 aircraft was over-flying the sea and suddenly went out of radar. Search and rescue teams from several countries have since been combing the sea and this scammer now says the aircraft is “deeply sinked in the sea” so that when the aircraft is eventually located his listeners can say “the prophet said so”? Where else would the missing aircraft be? Inside a pit latrine or in the belly of a big fish or hippopotamus?

2) Five suspected Boko Haram terrorists came to “bomb” the synagogue. And as soon as they got to their target, instead of going straight to action, they went to meet someone and later to eat and watch TV during which, something miraculous “grabbed” or “hypnotize” one of them, Mustapha. What an interesting story meant for the ignorant minds!! Meanwhile, there is no report that the man was handed over to the law enforcement agencies for further interrogation.

Our God is indeed a patient God. He allows the good and the evil to thrive until the judgment day.


    Ur understanding is limited pls look for more sule


    some can never beleive with TB J becouse they are BH suporters of evil and they always hope for evil . up up Jesus down devils and his follower


      Ever down down devil for you will never ever win with your followers who are condemning the great works of God which are manifested in many servants of God. Jesus for life TB Joshua! Its really awesome that you don’t mind those people who are insulting you and calling you all sought of names. You have really shown them that our battle is not of flesh and blood. May our Almighty God continue using u mightily!


    Sule, You who is busy condemning TB Joshua, what is it that you yourself has done towards the kingdom of God? Better ask yourself before you can utter anything. Why cant you just care about the relationship you yourself have with God (if at all you are a Christian!) Salvation is personal. Surely, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling! . The man of God, TB Joshua will be judged alone just like you! So please, evaluate yourself b4 you make a comment. How is your stand with God! B very careful with what u say. The Bible says “Do not touch my anointed ones and do no harm to my prophets.


This guy is such an idiot. He just said what everybody already knows. Let him reveal the exact spot. Longitude and latitude please.


    Bulus you bear a name like Christ Followers but u sound like a dragon , shame on you , bieng u not a Christian your words is not a surprise


sule u cant beleive becouse you are in dackness , may Jesus deliver You and ur cult members

    olalekan bello

    Let the enforcement agency arrest the man and by the time he realised that he will be spending thge rest of his life in jail . he will tell the truth whether he is a scammer of truly he isa memeber of boko haram.

    i suspect he is a scammer

akintunde ijimere

If this TB Joshua has ‘predicted’ or has been able to ‘see’ where the missing plane is lying, he should show that he has the milk of human kindness and tell the Malaysian authorities where to find the plane. There are hundreds of grieving families who would be happy to know where to find their missing loved ones. Since he can “predict ” the position of the missing plane, after the event, he must be an expert in trigonometry and he can tell us the coordinates of the position of the plane, because this is the only way we lesser mortals can locate the position of objects in this physical universe.

To think that TB Joshua is one of the ‘prophets’ whose feet the Nigerian President licks for ‘prayers’, shows there is no hope for Nigeria. What is sad about Nigeria is that most don’t know that over 50 years ago Wole Soyinka wrote a play (The Trials of Brother Jero) about the chicanery of the ancestors of the TB Joshuas. This play is a comedy. But then Soyinka followed with a sequel (Jero’s Metamorphosis) to show how the comic Brother Jero has metamorphosed into a sophisticated and dangerous character. TB Joshua, Adeboye, Kumuyi etc, – these are the most prominent of the metamorphoses of Brother Jero that Soyinka warned us about.


    He is a true man of God. May God open your Eyes to see the truth and open your ears to hear the truth!


You are a true Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. Let them mock and say all sorts of nonsense but that does NOT CHANGE WHO YOU ARE; Pray for them they need deliverance.

simon Ngayite

i cant believe those words from Bulus. Yes you might not believe the Prophet predicting the dissapearance of the plane,but do you believe any of his Mighty miracle he perfomed?.I pray you will retrieveyour words and ask for forgiveness


To those who knows God its very easy and simply to accept the prophesy of the man of God senior prophet TB Joshua.amen!


If you view the video of T.B Joshua you will find some interesting things that I find troubling. If you listen to the narrator at the beginning he says that the prophecy was a plane containing OVER 200 people whereas if you listen to the exact words of this supposed prophet he said ALMOST 200 people – there is a big difference. According to Scripture a TRUE prophet of God has 100% accuracy in every aspect. However they will use this to gain publicity and notoriety and probably money as well. Also much of what he is saying is senseless anyway – how is a government supposed to stop and check every plane on the tarmac – if he is a true prophet he should name the nation, the date and the flight number!!! Then I might be more convinced only if he gave the exact number of people.
In addition in the above article I quote: “The plane concerned is deep inside the sea. Some of the particles will be seen on the surface of the sea any moment from now.” and yet three days since last Sunday and still there are no articles seen on the surface of the sea related to this disaster – so obviously another false statement.


    Those who have ears, let them hear what God is saying. When God’s servant speaks, the wise listen!!!!!!!!!!! My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.


We thank TB Joshua for his prediction about MH370. Please help Malaysia to locate the plane. The whole nation is grieving about this incident.


Well, if you check the bible God doesn’t always tell something/give a vision to His people very specifically or accurately. Check Joseph, Daniel, John, etc. There is some interpretation required or there is a meaning behind of each story. I don’t understand those of you demanding 100% accuracy and asked him to tell the exact location. Ok, I give you an example, Jesus said in 3 days he would rise again. Did anyone actually count whether it’s literally 3 days? I mean 3 days as in it has to be exactly 3 x 24 hours or 72 hours x 60 minutes or 4,320 minutes x 60 seconds or to be exact 259,200 seconds. Say if he rose 1 second earlier or 1 second later, which means what he said was not 100% true, he was a liar/false prophet. Come on guys, grow up!


God bless you Gunawan. Those who mock, would have done the same in Jesus’s time. They are destined to destruction. May God help them open their spiritual eyes to see, hear and uderstand. The things of God are mostly spiritual. Those walking in flesh, doesnt get a clue. They are in the dark, and so, light never means anything to them, what they know, understand, see is DARKNESS. God, have mercy on this generation.


TB joshua is a true prophet of God. No one should dare under-estimate his prophecies!


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