Six Year Old Girl Assaulted By Conductor In India

A six-year-old girl pupil of a prominent private school in Vasant Vihar, India, was allegedly sexually assaulted by a conductor in a bus when it was parked inside the school premises.

The incident took place on December 12.

Hindustan Times reports that the conductor, who molested the girl in the presence of other pupils has been arrested. The matter came to light when the children informed a teacher and she raised an alarm.

It remains unclear how the young students were inside the bus without a supervisor. The teacher who informed the school authorities refused to speak on the subject when Hindustan Times contacted her.

However, in her statement to the police, the teacher concerned said on the day of the incident when she entered the bus, which was set to leave the school, she was approached by a bunch of children, including the victim, who studies in Class 1.

The children reportedly told the teacher that the conductor went to the girl’s seat and touched her inappropriately besides trying to forcefully hug her.

“By the time the teacher learnt about the assault, the bus had started moving. Upon learning about the conductor’s alleged act, she made the bus stop, which was still inside the school premises. The teacher then informed the transport in charge and the caretaker of the school, who slapped the conductor in the presence of another teacher and the children,” said a police officer.
The 21-year-old accused, Mohammad Ahsan, was made to deboard the bus which proceeded to drop the children. The school authorities then informed the police and got Ahsan arrested.

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