3 Yr Old Girl Found In Soak-away

A corpse of a three year old baby was found dead in a soak-away behind his parent’s residence at Oke-Onitii area of Osogbo, Osun State Capital last Friday.

The child, as disclosed by a resident in the area, had been missing for about three days, before his body was discovered in the soak-away.

Narrating how the body was found, the source stated that the cloth worn by the boy was found near the soak-away by some children, which made them raised an alarm, thereby attracting elders’ attention.

According to the source, when the soak-away was opened, the body was found decaying, adding that from the way the body was, it might have been there for about two or three days.

Speaking further, the source stated that the soak-away cover had been weak for some time and had constituted risk to children adult as well.

However, another source who preferred anonymity told OSUN DEFENDER that the boy could not have fallen into the soak-way, adding that something is amiss about the issue.

While explaining further, the source hinted that though the soak-away was dilapidated, it was not to the extend that a child could just fall into it, adding that when people got there, there was no crack found on it.

According to him, the police needs to unravel the mystery behind the gory incident, saying that “today it is a child that fall victim, who knows whose turn it would be next.”

Investigations however revealed that since the boy was discovered missing three days before his body was found, the parents and neighbours have been suspecting a traditionalist residing in the area.

Neighbours of the parents alleged that it was after the boy had been used for ritual purposes that his body wad dumped in the soak-away.

The mother of the late child could not comment when approached by the medium, as she was crying uncontrollable and being consoled by her neighbours.

Meanwhile, the source added that the police authority have been informed of the development, saying that the people are optimistic that they (police) would unravel the mystery behind the little child death.

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