Osun ACN Uncovers Plans To Use Students For Mayhem

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) on Wednesday said it had uncover, “another heinous plan” by an opposition political party, to use students of Osun State-owned tertiary institutions to storm Osogbo and other major towns around the state, to stage violent protests and cause mayhem.

The party said the plan was aimed at destabilising the programmes of the current administration in the state, thereby warning the students and other peace-loving people in the state to stay clear of the plan.

Osun State ACN acting Chairman, Elder Adelowo Adebiyi, in a statement signed in Osogbo and made available to newsmen, alleged that the meeting to carry out the violent protest was held at the palace of a prominent traditional ruler in Osun.

The party also alleged that at the meeting, “The ill-intentioned conveners made available huge sums of money to the students, to mobilise and transport them to engage in the act of brazen lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law.”

The statement reads; “The ACN is not unaware of details of the planned mayhem, designed to serve as pretence for the declaration of a state of emergency, to suit their roller-coaster approach of undermining the peace-seeking and people-centered administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.”

“This is another chapter in the book of infamy, which was opened by disgruntled politicians, who are still licking their wounds since the restoration of Governor Aregbesola’s mandate by the Court of Appeal on November 26, 2010.”

The party therefore called on all law enforcement agents, to be on alert and nip the crisis in the bud before the failed political operators subject the state to the horror of regrettable infamy.

They also warned the opposition party not to undermine the current administration by abusing the hands of fellowship extended to them by the governor, saying, “any attempt by anyone to obstruct the rule of law, shall henceforth be visited with the due weight of the law.”

ACN also advised parents and guardians, to appeal to their wards not to allow themselves to be used as tools of anarchy, disorder and mayhem.

“Those behind the plan were those who kept their own children away from prying-eyes of the public and attract other people’s children with their ill-gotten wealth, to pursue a doomed agenda. The people of Osun State abhor violence in all ramifications. That was why they preferred the ACN to others in the 2007 and 2011 general elections,” the party said.

23 thoughts on “Osun ACN Uncovers Plans To Use Students For Mayhem”

  1. God must come and save us from propaganda from this ACN govt in osun. Students in the 4 higher institutions in the state are at home since July because of strike, i think they have right to show that they are not happy about the situation. Somebody once told me that ogbeni was an activist during his days at Ibadan poly, i doubt whether is correct. Ogbeni pay the lecturers and stop blaming your woes on opposition party. Osun a dara o.

    1. Mr. Tunji, our great party ACN is a disciplined political party that believes in freedom of expressions but detest the habit of causing chaos in the name of demonstration. Ogbeni is an activist that will never allow the rights of anyone being tramped upon however the issue of the striking lecturers will be resolved totally very soon.

  2. ACN guess wrong while Osun defender has no work to do. Even federal govt can’t stop great Nigeria students. I lov mr Rauf’s govt but it seems he’s 4goten d students. If they kip quiet, what happens 2 their future?

    1. Dear Anonymous, please do not get things mixed up, no one has said that students should not express themselves but it should be done in a progressive way. Ogbeni has not forgotten the students, all he is trying to do is to resolve the issue once and for all. Our future is certainly sure.

  3. If u spoil osun finish, u go leave. Infact osun no get governor at all. See nonsense wey him dey talk. U travel 4rm one country 2 anoda when we no go to sch, and u say na smdy de use us. You Are wrong!

    1. Mr. Raji, i can understand your grievances, the issue will soon be resolved completely and everyone will be back in school for real. Ogbeni has just traveled a couple of time and all is for our good; the fruits of his journeys will soon be reaped in the state.

  4. This publication is a show of shame.
    Its a shame dat ACN allowed itself to be dragged into an unverified report by an acting chairman on d basis of claiming he is working for Osun progress.
    Am disappointed in Osun defender at most for publishing such shameful story dat won’t progress Govt without verification when dey have contact of d Students leaders in d State.
    Mr Editor, pls balance your story to avert falling on d wrong side of dos dat wish ACN well.

    1. Madam, i can assure you that Osun Defender is not used to publish unverified stories but the this story is true; of course events have overcome it.

  5. Mr acting chairman, u dnt ve to cook up stories to show d gov u re working. Suggest hw d strike can be quickly resolved, that is what ogbeni needs frm u not dis attempt to distract him.

  6. This is money that students movement didn’t collect from p d p before Aregbe got into power O. Politicians are the same everywhere.

      1. It is very wrong for you to be calling an elder such an uncourteous name not to talk of a sitting governor. it shows how reckless are you and your parent for not train you how to be courteous. No one has said you should not make your differences known to the public but in polite ways as a trained and a discipline student which you are supposed to be.

        1. I would not blame you adeboye because you are less expose to activism . I will still say it for a comrade like him to allow such story without investigation , ………..

          1. Comradeship does not mean rudeness or lack of morals, i wouldn’t blame you for you know not the meaning of a bastard. if you do and continue then you lack discipline and decorum, then you are a bad example to your fellow discomrades. I am not sure you know the real concept of comradeship. Pls find out and become a reasonable one.


  8. This is nt true , but to make it known to you guys OSPOLY student will be staging OSHOGBO on 28-09-2011 for a peacefull protest cos we can not continue to stay @ home why there children’s school is not been disrupt . Mr AREGBESOLA PLS DO SOMETHIN ABOUT ASUP. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS . Our life is at stake here.

  9. Our Governor is responsible $ progressive for record pourpose.
    What happen was a friction dat’s bound to happen occasionally and thank God event has already overcome it. But all d same, hope all have note what ought to be noted. OSUN A DARA.

  10. It’s,disgusting, so shameful and so alarming, that all,the tertiary institution in the state are on strike for this long,and the student are now reacting to it, and some opportunist and unscruptulous person, who have manage, to get appointment by chance, decided to call it a mayham. How many months wil it take Mr Gov.to address the strike? Is it going to take him the the whole tenure? Now tell us the difference btw Oyinlola and Aregbesola? The present day government is more or less a slow motion kind of government, i don’t blame him because his own children are not part of us, mr slow motion gov, we don tired for house, we want to resume oooooo. Kapish.

  11. It true that mr Gov reducese our school fees, but come to think of it. The same students you reduces their fees are @ home doing nothing why ur own children and that of ur crew are some where schooling. Politician are the same everywhere, they normally come into the scenerio like a saint. They are the same,of which Aregbe is not an exemption.Permit me to say this, his worse than his predecessor. He has not spend close to two years, he could’nt address a fraction of strike it’s a pity sir, this wasn’t our bargain, mr ogbeni. It’s even shameful for ACN to now put the blame of their party failure on PDP. Mr gov what do you, think his the faith of the graduating student for 2010/2011 session? OGBENI YOU DE TRY, OOO.

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